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Message: "I like reading different books by lesbian authors as I am one myself."

"So good... It's about time for the lesbian art."


Message: "How can you become an artist for Ecards?"

Message: "My girlfriend send me a lesbian ecard from your website. I LOVE IT!


"Found out thru the Yahoo Lesbian Networking group."

"Great, never can find that perfect lesbian ecard for my girl, till I found your site.........Thanks......

Message: "I have two best friends,one's my sister, and they're both horse owners and horse lovers. These Horse Ecards make it easy to send them something that'll add a little horsiness to their day."

"It's hard to find a site with lesbian/gay e-cards. After looking at some of your, I thought they were very nice. "

"Its a very good site! I like the lesbian ecards, animal cards i love sending to my parter. It would be nice if you kept cards longer when someone couldn't pick them up within the 2 week time you should send a reminder to the person who sent them, to the one that got the ecard, My parter couldn't see three cards i sent from here because it was to late to pick them up she works long shifts, she tried when she gets home, heads for bed. I send cards, send flowers from this site."

"While searching for lesbian movies with google, the name of this website with a link to movies came up. So with the google search engine is how I came to discover this website =)!"

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Message: "I am a 50 year old woman and am interested in your Lesbian and Bisexual Networking initiative. Your site asked that I send an e-mail if I am interested in being a State Networking "helper," which I am. I am an RN Administrator for a Home Health Company; My Children are grown; and so, other than my 2 dogs and 2 cats, I have an "empty nest:" My partner passed away October 2005 after battling Lupus for years and cancer the last year of her life. I enjoy people very much and feel that there is a great need for a forum and safe "meeting place" for women to connect with each other as human beings. I hope to hear more from you on how I might get involved in helping your FLORIDA initiative. My sincere thanks to you for getting it started: I hope to be a part of your growth."

"I have been preparing documents, mostly for lesbian Life Partners, for several years now. I am also the author, designer, and developer of the above product. Last week, I introduced it to 2 of my Lesbian Life Partners. One e-mail me ""We had the opportunity to see first hand his new creation that I feel will be a complete God send to the Gay community I will link to you. Thanks." Jonas Urba, President, Lawyer, Creator of Documents For Gays." "

Message: "I suggest that you carry the book "Why You Should Give a Damn About Gay Marriage", by Dr. Davina Kotulski, in your bookstore. As a marriage equality activist I found Kotukski's book to be an enormous help - it is laid out like a tool kit, a working manual, for understanding the issue and for doing marriage equality work. Kotulkski's humor makes this book fun reading - she has a sharp wit!"

Message: "I like everything about the site, and its really informative. Thanks!!!"

Message: "I put in Free Lesbian e-cards on an AOL search engine. You were the first one on the list!"

Message: "I bought the "How to Be a Happy Lesbian" book on Amazon and looked up this site because it was in the book. I have joined the coming out support group and I think it's a great resource! I'm so happy to have found the group and this website!"

Message: "This website is the greatest I have taken advantage of your free lesbian Ecards for sometime now, and these cards are the best! I have to say thanks to 'Google' for helping me find your website. Keep up the good work and thanks."

Message: "I think so, I might be a lesbian coming out. "

Message: "I do like your postcards about lesbians and also have nice pictures."

Message: "I enjoying seeing your new ecards and also I have read your newsletter and have signed up for it. My girlfriend will really like it when she has a chance to sit down and read it. "

Message: "I just hit Google search for she e-cards and ur site was the 2nd site but only free site....Sorry I opted to support your site because it was new and I wanted to see what it had to offer LOL!"

Message: "I need someone to be supportive, because none seems to be! I am 28 years old and by the time I came to terms with my sexuality I had 3 kids from a straight relationship. My partner (who has been out of the closet since she was fourteen) has told me about how lesbians feel about women in my situation- they think I'm fake. I appreciate her honesty but it's made me hit a new low. It's bad enough getting the criticism from my family and losing friends but to also know that the lesbian community doesn't even believe I'm a lesbian is absolutely heart breaking. I'm afraid to tell people that I'm a lesbian and that I have kids who are my whole life because I'm afraid of what they will think. I've never been more happy and I truly believe I've found my soul mate, but I need friends. Is there anyone who knows what I'm going through? Please let me know I really need someone who understands."

Message: "Have not yet perused - but the fact that u r here is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad I found u - gonna share u with friends and chat room : )!!!"

Message: "Google, I think. I was looking for a site to send an e-card to my girlfriend."

Message: "Hi there: ) I found your site thru a search for sensual ecards I did on my msntv2 unit. Loved your site pleased with the quality, N besides the female world rocks in this girl's life to begin with, for I'm a transgendered female in life's journey :) Sweet dreams at ya!"

Message: "Can you tell me lesbian events going on in Texas, and places I can meet a new lesbian love? Also I wanted to tell you that I love your site. Keep up the great work!"

Message: "I think you have the most beautiful and artistic selection of ecards not to mention the books and articles that I have ever found. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Message: "Haven't sent any ecards from your site yet but would like to send some that express how i feel about my woman. "

Message: "Just a all around beautiful website. Blessings of all that is good."

Message: "i am a lesbian and have feelings for a girl. everytime i see her my heart pounds and want to go up and kiss her. please help me"

Message: "Sorry, haven't had the opportunity to go thru the site yet, but upon first glance it looks promising. : )"

Message: "I hope you will consider adding my book to your book list--it's titled Living Two Lives: Married to a Man & In Love with a Woman, by Joanne Fleisher. This is a new and important self help book for women who are facing their lesbian feelings after marrying a man. I am a Philadelphia therapist and was a married woman with 2 children in the 70's when I fell in love with a close female friend. I have used my personal and professional experience and the experiences of hundreds of women who contact me through a Q & A Internet message board to create a guide for women struggling with these issues. Please check out my web site to learn more about my work and the book. It is available for sale on Thank you very much."

Message: Hello: I manage a research study at the University of Washington called the Vaginal Health Project and am wondering if you would be willing to post information about the study on your website. Thank you for your consideration. Here are the details:"

Message: "I like that fact there are cards made for woman. Love to see more sexy lesbian Ecards!"


Message: "I love your site It is a true blessing to have! I’m so happy to have found such a wonderful site! Many many thanks to everyone involved who took the time to create such heart touching work. It is so nice in toady's times to be able to have access to things that will touch so many hearts. You have touched mine Bright blessings to you all! Thanks so much!" Annemarie.

Message: "We luv your website! Thank you for having this available to us. We found you via AOL search. When we went searching aol brought up quite a few sites, yours being one of the best in our opinion--or maybe the best PERIOD! We luv you for this!"

Message: "Yes can you tell me events going on in Texas? And places I can meet a new lesbian love? Also I wanted to tell you that I love your site. Keep up the great work."

Message: "What do I like about your site? What’s not to like? it's colorful, comprehensive and very user friendly. I like the fact that you have a broad selection of Lesbian Ecards, original works of art not seen elsewhere. It has a personal yet professional feel to it. Already I have sent some e-cards to other friends, not only with the idea of delighting them with such unusual and beautiful art but also with the idea and hope that they, too, will "discover" you and do likewise. Many thanks!"

Message: "I have been looking through your site for a few days now. It’s the best lesbian site on the web! I have told all my friends about it."

Message: "The Ecard selection is great can't wait to see new ones, thanks I look forward to coming back to site!" Cheryl

Message: "This is my first time at your site, and I am Impressed."

"I love your site. Thank you. Please keep me informed about new things on this site."

"Just wanted to take the time to let you know I love this site. You are doing a wonderful job with it. My wife and I both love it! Yes, we are happily ""married"" (Civil Union in Vermont) lesbians. We are both amateur artists, she is wonderful with photography. I play around with sketching and painting. Good luck with this endeavor. We need more sites like this." Sincerely: Sandi

"Outstanding artwork!"

"Excellent site!"

"Thank you for your gifts to our global community! Keep on!"

"TY for sharing your site....have an Awesome day."

Message: "Thanks for posting your Coming Out Guide as a PDF file online so that people can download it. I really appreciate it. I also have a question...I tried to buy the Lesbian Coming Out Guide paperback edition. Is it still possible to purchase this version?"

Message: "I found your site by accident looking for a nice card to send to my husband. I like what I see so far, and by the way, found a perfect Blue Rose Flower Ecard for the occasion. I’m an artist myself. Mostly I paint and draw fantasy; dragons, fairies etc. and native American in honor of my Cherokee heritage."

Message: "I will explore your site some more. And,YES, please e-mail with new art and such! Thank you." Wanda

Message: "Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I love your site! I am a punk rocker from the deep south with a mohawk plus I am female so I know what it is like to be persecuted for my own beliefs. I think you have done a wonderful job and I am glad I stumbled upon your site! I’ll tell all the punk rockers I know!"

Message: "I wish to obtain, by mail order, a copy of ‘Chalice Of The Goddess’ by Tracey Stevens (ISBN 0-97 19628-4-7). Please can you tell me how much it would be including postage & packing to England? Many thanks," Alicia

Message: "Your site is simply wonderful!"

Message: "My fiancé Kellie and I both enjoy your website very much."

Message: "I just purchased the eBook of ""How to be a Happy Lesbian", but didn’t realize I cannot export the file to another computer. I am currently on a computer that is a temporary work computer. I therefore would want to pay the difference and get the soft cover book. Is that possible? Please advise."

Message: "You certainly have beautiful Lesbian Ecards."

Message: "I love your Ecards. You are so talented I am so glad I checked out your website."

Message: "Thank you for providing such a wonderful service and such incredibly beautiful art." Michelle

Message: "I am sooo very glad to see that we are All coming out!!!!"

Message: "Beautiful site. My best friend pointed me in this direction....Will be coming back a lot."

Message: "That you support lesbians and all that stuff."

Message: "Your Art Ecards are beautiful, I’m glad I found you."

Message: "I love it all.....Thanks!"

Message: "Hi...Wow great website you have here!!!"

Message: "I currently have my own website up which shows images of my art work....In addition to the ones I have on display, I have since created some newer images. I will send these to you via email if I am chosen for your Ecards:)

Message: "I am lesbian and it is hard to find Ecards for lesbians..then I found your site."

Message: "I like your site for have good arts works. I also enjoy sending rose flowers. It so lovely."

Message: "I like your various card designs and educational information."

Message: "Romantic ecards from women to women...animated cards would be great."

Message: "I have just found your site...and your Lesbian cards are wonderful...Thank you!" Carol


Message: "I just found out about your website through an old temp file left on my computer by a friend of mine. I am very much interested in books about pleasuring my lady better. Although we have a great relationship in and out of the covers I would like to please her more and strengthen the intimacy between us. Also I’m glad to have a website that has cards for women from women. Thank You for your time and thoughtfulness. I also do write a lot of poetry and short stories from time to time. I would very much love to share them with others."

Message: "Leslie and I grew up together in Maine....We are first cousins and best friends. We were young and now we are old....miles separate us, (she lives in Ma. I live in Ga.) but through the magic of the computer we are able to communicate every day. We both are fond of cats....alley cats, funny cats, pretty cats...all sizes and shapes.....I’m so glad I discovered your website....soooooooo I want to mail her a kitty-cat e-card at least three times a week. Also, we went ice skating often as children and’s been difficult to find Christmas cards with ice-skating scenes on them....Many thinks for your cards....May God richly bless you now and into the new year. I suspect that you are a Christian...with that in mind I would like to share this Bible verse....""Spilled on the earth are all the joys of heaven.....In thy presence is fullness of joy; at they right hand there are pleasures for evermore...(Psalm 16:11) Have a blessed Christmas."

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