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Message: "Hello, My englisch is not verry good so I keep it short. I like this site because the different and many nice ecards and art. Greetings." Irene

Message: "I like the free artistic expressions."

Message: "I love ALL your cards. I am a Goddess worshiper and women’s rights activist. I am also an fan of good art. Your cards mix art, religion and history. Please, continue promoting the Goddess!"

"I always seem to find the perfect Ecard for any occasion. Keep up the great work!!!!"

Message: "just had to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Valentines Day Ecards!! I had to come up with something special for sure, LOL and you all(texan) really helped!!!!! Happy Valentines day to one and all!!" Shirley

"Everything and especially that it is lesbian oriented."

"Finally something for us!"

Message: "Great site!"

Message: "I was looking for a nice, sensual lesbian oriented e-card to send to my lover. Thank you."

Message: "Can you get the fiction book section up and running soon and some history books about women that is non fiction?"

Message: "Good service."

Message: "I was on the Internet and you were a link in I love your cards."

Message: "I enjoyed this website so much the first time I used it that I immediately added it to my "favorites" list. I really just happened to stumble upon Amazing Dreams when I was looking for a website catering to lesbian E-Cards. So, here I am again, planning to send another E-Card. (There’s no sense in going anywhere else!)" Thank you Lori

Message: "THANKS! : )"


Message: "Hello, I am an artist. Was thinking on my own ecards, If this is the right place, let me know kindly, and I will email you the jpg format. I’ve got only four images as one subject matter I have been working for many years noe: LIFE/Creation, and I am planning my own exhibition ,actually contemplating more than planning for now. Perhaps my ecard will take the exhibition idea to an invitation cards idea. Not sure yet. Kindly send me your feedback Thanks!" Anna

Message: "I like there are other lesbian females out there that will inspire me to be comfortable with myself"

Message: "I have been writing lesbian erotica for over 10 years but I have never really kept any of my writings. For about 6 months now I have considered putting together some short stories and sending them to be reviewed by someone who can tell me if they are material that can be published and to get some feedback as to weather they are even good enough. Can you maybe point me in the right direction? If you want to see a sample or have any questions please let me know. Thank you for your assistance." Carmen

Message: "I’m looking to promote my artwork, and see a wonderful possibility to syndicate my work in many venues. Seriously, if you are interested in seeing some of my work please send me your email, you will be audaciously surprised." Andrea

Message: "Hello. I love your site! I am a lesbian photographer and also run an animal rescue I noticed you’ve no birds in your animal cards and would like to submit some of mine for consideration. a sample of my work is on the site. Thanks and have a spectacular day with bright blessings." Rowan.

"I also would like to talk to someone about Support groups in my area. I am having a lot of emotional issues dealing with my partner. This is my first relationship with a female and I love her so very much but I am need of some support as well. My partner is not understanding that."

"I love the fact that there is this site for me to send beautiful cards to the woman I love. Thank you so much."

"I like to send cards to my friends. I searched on line by using words I like what I see. My first time in here."

Message: "hello I found out about by just putting in horse e-cards is this were you can send e-cards with horses on them like other e-cards."

"I like the ecards which we can our lovers."

Message: "I did a Google search for FREE lesbian e-cards"

Message: "I would like to send my love a special free ecard"

Message: "For the great ecards"

Message: "Is there any time limit for sending free ecards?"

Message: "You got many websites I like to go to. I send most lesbian ecards to my woman. I like all your free ecards for lesbians."

"I believe my friend did a Google search for lesbian e-cards. My comment is that your site seems SO extensive that I will need a day to start(!) to see it all! :-)"

Message: "Beautiful Art."

Message: "I am very happy to find a site that fits everything that I have questions about. It is not easy coming out to your family about being a lesbian, mother, and grandmother. Finally my prayers have been answered. Thank You!"

Message: "The Grand FREEDOM Gathering"" Oct. 1st 2006 a Multi State Event.. Take I55 to Cape Girardeau MO JOIN IN BUILDING & COMMUNITY !! SPECIAL GUEST Robin Tyler, executive Director The Equality Campaign Along with other events...LAUGH,SHARE and FEEL LGBT FILLING the AIR!! WANTED: volunteers workers Vendors Prizes Donations COMMUNITY SPIRIT Know you are loved & never alone!! Community Concierge"

Message: "hi womyn I want like read lesbian newsletter and I enjoy read about lesbian pride etc. Finally I find I appreciate u let us support ur lesbian pride thanks I m ur woman! LOL"

Message: "Love any lesbian site that has class."

Message: "I want join please."

Message: "There is a big selection of tasteful ecards and I don’t find many of those sites out there!"

Message: "I love the artwork, the e-cards, and I cant wait to keep checking it all out!" Kelly

Message: "Jane and Randy love you long time! "

Message: "Hi, I’m a lesbian writer/rapper from Pittsburgh PA living in Omaha doing music. I’m 30 years young, and I’ve written a short story called Skillz its about a young black tomboy who goes to jail at fourteen years old for shooting a playmate. She gets out when she’s 21 and has to shot to kill that same night, in this street game her skills are all that counts. Murder,sexuality, and heartache surrounds this studs life. Based on the true life events of star and writer Scandalous. This street drama gives it to you straight from a go-hard females side of the fence. Very raw so keep all minds open. I would love to keep my script under the rainbow, please let me know if anyone’s interested in reading my side of the life. Thanks for you time in insight."

Message: "I like the ecards for all occasions. They say that extra something special when you are trying to say how you really feel."

Message: Hello! I saw this site on the computer when I was looking for ecards on Google. All of the things I have saw are very interesting to me. I am excited about reading some of the things on your site."

Message: "I really enjoy searching your site, it’s very informative and up to date. So much worth the reading time...."

Message: "I am a 50 year old woman and am interested in your Lesbian and Bi Women Networking initiative. Your site asked that I send an e-mail if I am interested in being a State Networking "helper," which I am. I am an RN Administrator for a Home Health Company; My Children are grown; and so, other than my 2 dogs and 2 cats, I have an ""empty nest:"" My partner passed away October 2005 after battling Lupus for years and cancer the last year of her life. I enjoy people very much and feel that there is a great need for a forum and safe "meeting place" for women to connect with each other as human beings. I hope to hear more from you on how I might get involved in helping your FLORIDA initiative. My sincere thanks to you for getting it started: I hope to be a part of your growth." Sincerely, Charily

Message: "I was looking up free butterfly ecards and your site came up. I went to it and was very pleased at what I saw. I definitely like the lesbian things you offer since I am a lesbian. Thank you for all the tidbits and all."

Message: "I’m tryin' to publish a calendar and would like more information on your pricing. What is the process of submitting work etc. any info you could provide would b greatly appreciated." Jenn

Message: "I’d like to see more articles about bisexual women."

Message: "I used Google to find your site as I was looking for L Word ecards. I like what I see on your site so I thought I’d sign up for your newsletter."

Message: "Hello ladies, I tried to purchase the Lesbian Sex Tips book online and gave my credit card info.....I tried 6 times and was told either I didn’t do it fast enough or my information was incomplete. I know after a few tries, I WAS FAST. I would begin with a few letters of my name and the correct name and numbers would pop up and I would click on the next box......I imagine I’m not the only person experiencing this problem....anyway, I would like to get the book. What do you recommend?" Thanks, Rick

Message: "I live in Highland Park, Illinois. Is there a book store or any other outlet that sells your book close by?"

Message: "I was interested in finding E-Cards and I went to that’s where I found many addresses and decided to pick this particular one."

Message: "Your kinds of e-cards are really great! I love this pictures a lot and I am happy I've ´ve found you!!!!! Thank you."

Message: "Hi, just asking if your books are available in Australia?"

"I found this site just surfing. Looks terrific, unlike other lesbian sites I have encountered. Looking forward to being part of such an outstanding group here. Thanks."

Message: "You have a great variety of e-cards and lesbian posters and art prints (all them beautiful) and this is not easy to find."

"Well I haven’t had a chance to view your ecards yet, and I say the with anticipation, as here in Palm Springs there are few--very few lesbian cards. It seem’s the desert caters to the guys... talk about sterio type.. LOL are your cards printable? Maybe we can get together and sell the desert on them. I am sure I’m not alone in this thought. I’m also sure you had to see tonight’s episode of the L Word! Damn, I cried. In fact I cried last week tooooooo. Looking forward to viewing your ecards. My partner of 15 years has a birthday on the 24th of this month. Hope to find something special for her birthday, maybe flowers from your lesbian flower shop! Thanx for being here."


Message: "I am amazingly in love with my wife and I am a huge supporter of lesbian owned and operated businesses."

Message: "I enjoy sending ecards to people so that they know that I am thinking about them."

Message: "I like sending "different" ecards that are nice to look at. I like to support Lesbian art."

Message: "Hi, I’m interested in all areas of Lesbian news and events to attend, anything with women supporting women etc. We currently live on the central coast in Monterey, and we have been trying to find out details of the woman’s weekend in Gurnville, Ca? Do you have any information on that event? Please let me know at your earliest convenience, and thanks for your time in advance." Suzie

Message: "I love your site, the artistry is wonderful and diverse! I can't wait to start sending cards to my lesbian friends, and my girlfriend. Thank you."

Message: "This is wonderful. Thank you."

Message: "I just wish to tell you I support you 1,000%!!! Goddess Bless!"

Message: "I mainly only really like the ecards, and I would like to be notified when new ones are released!"

Message: ""I like that you have a lot of Ecards that are classy--yes very sexy."

Message: "Very tasteful ecards. Thank you."

Message: "You are the first site I have found that has free ecards that are beautiful & have some meaning, without being tacky. Thanks for providing them-keep up the good work."

Message: "Hi! I love your cards because they express our feelings. I am a female and love the beauty of the women and I love to send these pic’s to my lover. She is the one the sent this pics to me and I joined. I hope to send this pics out to other friends as well. Thank you for this great site just for us. hugs!"

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