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Message: "It's so hard to find Non-animated sexy girl cards. But you guys got 'em! Thanks!"

Message: "I am also interested in finding nice social clubs/bars in North Carolina and more specifically the triad, triangle or Asheville areas. I have been to several nice places in Washington, DC and New York, NY that serve dinner have dance floors and have customers that are artist, teachers, business people, nurses,lawyers, doctors etc.—-I am a teacher and in the fifties age range. Some social clubs/bars that I have enjoyed in other states have customers that are usually between the age of late twenties to sixties. Thanks." Jody

Message: "From what I saw I was interested in everything on your site. Thanks."

Message: "I enjoy the positive and powerful energy your site provides lesbian women."

Message: "I am interested in receiving your lesbian newsletter. This is a great site, and I am glad that I came across it when looking for a card for my partner!"

Message: "I have a novel on women’s golf that I have been unable to publish. One major lesbian publisher was dying to publish it until they learned a MAN had contributed to the project. How dare me!!! They only publish material by ‘lesbians’ I was told. This when I have been dropped by at least one agent and one major New York publisher for being ‘too lesbian, too literate."
Kristen Garrett, Author
You Light The Fire
Lady Lobo
Grits, Gravy and Girls

Message: "I love, love your site!! It is great! Wonderful ecards and such...I was looking for a Lesbian movie to purchased called ""The Ten Rules"" it was at Outfest Los Angeles 2002/2003?? Did not see it as one of your choices. It is really funny...I think it said it was a Lesbian survival guide. Well, do you know where I can get my hands on a copy of this really funny film about Lesbian dating? Well, thanks for having such a informative site that is also fun (ecards) they are beautiful!" Deborah

"Funny lesbian ecards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The Tantric ecard I found was wonderful. I would like to see more."

"I found you on my aol search engine under lesbian e-cards."

"I like finding those special things for my lesbian friends and lovers."

"The site is great!"

"I like romantic, soulful cards. I Love the tastefulness of this site and the cards. Thank you so much for this." Joan

"That it is user friendly"

"I enjoying seeing your new ecards and also I have read your newsletter and have signed up for it, my girlfriend will really like it when she has a chance to sit down and read it."
Message: "I am a published lesbian poet. And I was wondering do you have any poets that you post on your site so that others may use their poetry to find the words that they just can not say. If so I would like to become a poet on your site."

Message: "Awesome pics, great site!!"

Message: "I love everything about the site and I am interested in help in getting a book of lesbian poetry published. Where can I find a reasonable place to write my short stories and poetry. Thank you"

Message: "Your ecards are tasteful and artistic. I would like to see you showcase some black and white pic’s w/African American images. Looking forward to your monthly newsletter."

Message: "I just love the whole web site I think it is GREAT"

"You have a variety of E-Cards that are unique and very interesting. I love the broad variety of information you have to offer me as a lesbian. Thank You!!" Brooke

"I love you ecards & the art is awesome."

"It is just a wonderful site!!!!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said."

"Hello! I’d be interested in lesbian e-cards. Kind regards." Stephanie

"Ma’am, This is the first time I opened your site. I am impressed because, I just started a week planting cattle ya here in Monolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines. Hope I learned more w this. Thanks!" Carmen

"Good Morning! First of all, I don’t think there is anything I don’t like about your site--it is fantastic!!! Thanks" Shabd

"I'm very glad to have found your site. There are lesbians in Canada too! Thank you!" Jacquie

"I think I found this site while searching for info on yahoo on lesbians and pregnancy."

"I think I like this one nice ecards and its a nice site as well"

"I haven’t browsed the full website, but I like the card that a friend had sent me and wanted to join the site."

"My friend had sent me an e-card from this site. I continued to scan and that's what brought me to this point. Thank you"

"I really enjoy this site. I just happened to run across it. I like to send e-cards to everyone. Is there anyway I could get smoothing sent to my home. I will be cutting the Internet off for awhile and eventually hope to get it back on. My girlfriend and I love to purchase anything, from movies to things for the car. We love anything that has to do with (Pride). If this is OK let us know and we will send our adress. Thank you! " Tracey and Angela

"This is the most awesome E-card site I have ever seen!! We have six dogs and a cat!! We love it. Thank you so much being here, and for the awesome diversity. We love it!! Thanks again!!"

"I received a card from my the lady I’m seeing and, so I thought I’d check you out!"

"I found you very interesting and will come back."

"A true struggling artist, most of my work in Canada with ex fiancé who left me to rebuild homeless in UK. am doing some amazing work... and need more. Please help all you can if you feel my designs/ art are appropriate. has a cafepress shop attached. See gift shop or gallery."

"I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You have beautiful art work in your web site and I enjoy sending them to my partner. I think it’s very does she."

"I am really new to the family. And am in love with a wonderful girl, and having been searching on line a long time to find her an ecard to send and let her know I was thinking of her. Thanks."

"I was looking for an LGBT-related Happy Mother’s Day ecard. My parents mean the world to me, and are very activist for the LGBT community. I would love to find some sort of ecard with a pride symbol or message more related to the love and support necessary to our community."

"Just found the site, and so far seems to have much info, and the free ecards are a wonderful plus!"

"I liked this site b-cuz I have a really hard time finding an e-card to send to my girlfriend to let her know how I feel about her."

"I am working on my own bi/lesbian themed project company. If your interested in networking please feel free to contact me. Peace"

"Yes I looked under gay web sites I am so glad I found something like you it is good to know there is a lot of us out there. This web site is really good thank you for that!"

"I hear you from a friend and we passed it on to other friends too."

"Thanks so much....It's nice to have funny, romantic, info that shows there are more ways than one to love."

"Only a few people at this time do I know that are lesbians that I can send this type of card to, but, I’m appreciative that there is a free site for e-greeting cards for us women. And also, very appreciative that this site is so secure. You will hear a lot from me in the future just because of such practices. Thank you for letting me have a voice for myself." Hackie

"Very nice site. Its hard to find nonpornographic lesbian e-cards online. Thank you."

"I have just had my book "An Unlikely Redemption" (ISBN: 1-4137-6039-2)released. It is a lesbian fantasy romance and I am searching for ideas to promote it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. "

"Cards, books, in general is Kool!"

"I’m new to "Coming Out" and just from the sites that I have seen, you are the first that I believe to have the quality that I am looking for. As far as the E-cards go, there the best I’ve seen! Thanks for being accessible through the yahoo groups." DeMaBa

"I loved all of your ecards ,the artwork of a woman’s body is beautiful, not fake, mature—-I love that!" Marilyn

"Google, initially. Then, the Yahoo Group."

"I like that you offer Lesbian Magazines, working to budget that in, it is nice to see all the options at once. Like that you offer books for purchase, as well. Thanks!!" Oceana

"I enjoy your site and you have beautiful artwork. I wanted to buy lesbian magnets and lesbian artwork but I’m put off by the fact that you don’t display African American Women. Well, you do have one magnet and maybe one or two pictures. Any plans in the future to include African American women?"

"I read it in Hello Magazine"

"Just searched for gay lesbian greeting cards and it lead me to you site."

"Well I received an ecard from a ‘secret admirer’ and it came from this web site! So I checked it out and I really like it a lot!! keep up the good work. You guys have a very respectable site!" Megan

"Hi, I noticed your site dons’t have a star rating for ‘Tipping The Velvet’. I assume that means you’ve never seen it. I’ve got to tell you, for someone who is running a website with reviews of lesbian films, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. This film is amazing, it really is one of the best lesbian films out there. Get your hands on this, quick."

"My girlfriend stumbled upon this and forwarded me 2 virtual cards. With 2 women in the photo I had to check out the site. I did not even know this existed, it is wonderful to see more and more people working on ""human appreciation"" instead of promoting just themselves. We all bleed when cut, thank you for putting together and continuing this amazing website."

"I am a photographer and an artist and I look forward to sending you some work to use for anyone who wants it."

"I really like the pics you have on this site depicting women with women. It’s hard to find nice cards especially for lesbians. Thank you for the service you provide for us it is great appreciated." Sincerely Gage

"I love this kind of stuff and want to find out more, thanks to you now I can love always!" Shane

"Google brought me to you!"

"I would like to see e-cards addressing partners with disabilities, support and encouragement. My partner is disabled, homebound and I am working 7 days a week to pay for her care and health needs. I feel guilty I am away from home so much and want some creative ways to express my love and dedication to her. Thanks!" Amanda

"It was actually in the program for Wimfest in Akron, Ohio."

I’ve been enjoying my first taste of your website. I thought I saw something about telling our coming out stories but I can’t find the reference again (too tired, I think). I’m 3 weeks away from turning 58 and I came out to myself at 13 and it spread from there with age. This was from 1960 on. Please send me the info/link/whatever regarding this project. Thank you for being there for the new ones and the rest of us. In sisterhood." Susan

"A member of one of the Yahoo Lesbian Networking groups had your website in her post. It was the Lesbian network NY. This looks like some interesting stuff." Lise

"I like you are here to support women who are struggling with coming out and have somewhere to turn. I would like to be a member of the Support for Lesbians Coming Out Group, I’m 36 lesbian just coming out and I also have a terminal disease and hard to meet woman who can understand and sometime I just need people to communicate with about issues."

Message: "I am a Gay women and I have many Gay friends Men and women, I was looking for Gay Ecards. I love expressing my self with cards. I do wish that there where some out there to express that your interested in a person. You know ones that say hey I’m interested in you. Your special. I like to get to know you better. Those kind of cards. Most of the love cards say I love you. But that may not be the case so early in the relationship. Got to have some Ecards to get the relationship started. I love reading cards. Your's are very nice. Please email me yours. Thank you very much. Keep up the wonderful work.."

Message: "Thank you for this service. I am looking to find other lesbian musicians that can offer advice on playing music in festivals around the Portland , Oregon area?? Thanks."


Message: "I was surfing the web, and I don’t remember exactly the path I followed, but I did start out at" Christi.

Message: "I "Googled" lesbian movie reviews."

Message: "I think the site is amazing and it’s wonderful to have found you! Keep up the good work!"

Message: "Thanks for being there. I just love your e-cards."

Message: "I learned about your site through a friend."

Message: "I have always enjoyed utilizing your Ecards and Greatly admire the artistic true gift and abilities your Photographers and Artists are Blessed to have. My question concerns Poems to be used as your Ecard verses -are you currently accepting submissions on Romantic / Sensual Poetry to be featured as your Ecard Verses? I would feel very Honored if you would allow me to submit some of my own original writings to possibly be utilized in your Ecards." Sincerely, Beverly

Message: "Always looking for items/cards/etc. dealing with the lesbian life style."

Message: "I found you on AOL. I enjoy your site. I love the fact that you have artists work on your site."

Message: "TY for this beautiful site!" Cassy

Message: "Google. I was searching for lesbian greetings."

Message: "Yahoo search engine brought me here. First time here but already think it looks great."

Message: "I just found your web site and am thrilled! Beautiful art and wonderful information. I am recently reunited with my soul mate and we are so happy and want to get involved in the lesbian movement. I look forward to the newsletter and learning more about your web site. Thank you for all of it.."

Message: "I am so glad I have finally found a website that has information I can to relate to. Thank you. Will enjoy my time I spend on your site."

Message: "I had a friend tell me about this site and I am SO VERY GLAD that she did. I can’t wait to start buying some of the wonderful lesbian themed gifts you have for sell. What an INCREDIBLE website you have!!! Keep up the great work." Amy

Message: "Indirectly via the Gay Yellow Pages."

Message: "I enjoy the fact that there are places out in web world where I can send my girl a card that will truly define the way I feel about her and not have to play the ""change the pronoun game. Thank you"

Message: "Sexy, erotic cards of women on women."

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