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Message: "A friend loves orchids and I searched "orchid e-cards" and found you! Thank you for being there."

Message: "I am a lesbian that enjoys sending Ecards to my Girl. I was thrilled to have found your site. Keep up the great work , Ladies!!"

Message: "I was "Googeling" for lesbian e-cards when I came across your site and have never since then needed to search for another site, as you provide me with all I need and was looking for. Thank you"

Message: "I love the sensual nature of you ecards. I am in a long distance relationship, and your cards help to close the gap. They are great for keeping us both in touch with the pleasures of a relationship, and for keeping the spark ignited between us. Keep it up!""

Message: "I like having a lesbian web site with cards, etc. It's great to see myself reflected in the mainstream. Keep up the good work! I love the sensuous ecards. I've used them and wish there were more choices! They're awesome!"

Message: "Hey yall please check out our lesbian media project: We are looking to interview lesbians, and for venues to screen the video. Love your site. Thank you! "

Message: "Love ya'lls cards !!!! P.S.- Love the whole site!"

Message: "Please inform me of all new pride events in springfield mo ty ty"

Our Response: We don't keep a list of pride events nationwide. Best thing to do is to go to Google, and input Gay Pride Springfield MO. We did it, and came up with quite a few websites that will supply you with the information you may need.

Message: "Would like to send love cards to my wife, who is working out of town."

Message: "I am a lesbian that enjoys sending Ecards to my Girl. I was thrilled to have found your site.
Keep up the great work , Ladies !!"

Message: "I love your e-cards the art is beautiful!"

Message: "I am writing to you with a complaint!! I sent a free ecard to my partner who was out of town the night before Valentine's Day and she never received the ecard. I resent it yesterday and she didn't receive that one either. She just told me that she sent me an ecard from your site this morning and I haven't received it. What is going on? I have sent cards through your site before without any trouble - why isn't it working now? I am disappointed... "

Our Response: So sorry you had problems with our free Ecards. Someone on our website server is spamming people, so anyone who has a website on the server is also being blacklisted as spammers. Sad but true. We are working on the problem, and are moving our website to a dedicated server.

We sent all bounced Ecards back to people on Valentine's Day, so please check your SPAM or Junkmail folder to see if those ecards were returned to you. We just sent an ecard to a test Hotmail account and it came in perfectly. We also sent a test ecard to your hotmail account.

One thing you can do is when you make an Ecard, you can copy the location of the Ecard from the window after the Ecard is sent:

Your Ecard notification has been sent to Catherine.
Some servers, like AOL, will not return the Ecard messages to us
if the Ecard does not reach the recipient. You may want to copy and
paste the following URL address of this Ecard in case that happens.

The URL of this card is:

Message: "Thank you for this site, its so good to know that I have somewhere to turn!"

Message: "I was directed to your most interesting site by the Moderator and Owner of a group which I have been supporting for some time: The Bi Men Network. Stewart (Mac) McCloud is the man who founded the group and who is always presenting great new places to be entertained and/or educated on the net. You all need to know each other as you work together for many of the same goals and enlightened reforms needed in our way too conservative, current American society. Peace Always..."

Our Response: Mac is like a brother to us. We design his website, and we work together a lot. He's a great guy!

Message: "i like the card from this side , is verry nice!"

Message: "Invitation to submit material to Sinister Wisdom: A Journal by and for Lesbians. More info at"

Message: "Nice Site. I was going to place an order but I noticed that your site is not secure. That is too dangerous for me! Please delete all of my personal information and I hope that my information was not intercepted before I realized that the site was not secure (Pic of lock, lower right side of browser will be closed "locked' if it is secure. Your site, the lock stays open throughout the process of obtaining personal information. Please delete all of my information and cancel account and order. Thanks!"

Our Response: Not sure what you were wanting to purchase? The only thing we sell directly from our website is our Ebooks. The moment you click on the Visa/MC button, it takes you to Paypal, which is a secure website, and then you fill out your information from there. All of our other products are through affiliate stores, which all should have secure shopping carts. Please let us know what you were wanting to purchase, and we will check it out.

Message: "I just found your site and so far so good. I love it!!! Everyone that puts their imput on this site and makes it, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!"

Message: "All of your cards are great I found the site via a friend & spent the next hour sending cards . . . There is something for everyone Thanks"

Message: "Hi there, I found your website through the GU website, and would love to have a link put onto your website, advertising my Life Coaching practice, for the Lesbian Community. I run workshops for women covering areas such as Assertiveness, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills, Goal Setting and Attaining, and all sorts of other fabulous topics. Being a gay woman myself I understand the issues and concerns that face gay woman, still, in today's society. I am predominantly an accredited Life Coach offering personal, confidential 1:1 coaching, via the phone or in a fac-2-face scenario - helping to Clear the Daily Fog of Life and empowering you to become the amazing person you are. Please take a look at my website, the work I do and the testimonials I have already received for the work I do. Have a very Merry Christmas and festive New year and I look forward to hearing from you very soon, kindest regards."
Miss Buffy Sparks
Certified Life Coach DIP

Message: "I like sending all types. My daughter is gay as r some of my best has passed to a better place. thanx for such beautiful cards...I searched so many sights to find you."

Message: "What I would love to see interracial couples (women) on your ecards. I love you 50's selection of ecards also.
thanks to you all."

Message: "I send ecards to my parter i love to send mermaids, woman holding each in a embrace. The cards here i great! just got annversary card from here. I don't like to write much."

Message: "I love to read your cards, I love to read books and I also love just knowing I have this site to come to for beautiful loving cards. Thank you for this site."

Message: "I am a Professional Lesbian Circus Clown. I have my own web site that I'm still working on, but wanted to try and promote my business. I'd love to be able to entertain at Prides as so many children come to prides. I can do animal balloons, face-painting, juggling, you name it. If you know a way to promote my business on a shoe string budget let me know."

Message: "I had ran into your web page last year and enjoyed all the ecard and other things you have on this page. I find it to be very profesional."

Message: "One of my lesbian friends introduced me to this site. I am just starting out so you can ask me that later on."

Message: "Finally a site that for all woman, thank you!"

Message: "clean ecards!"

Message: "I live in Australia and a friend of mine sent me one of your ecards and suggested I search out this site."

Message: "I was actually looking for lesbian fanasty art in google images and your page came up amongst the results. Have not had a chance to have a good look at your site yet but I will be doing so right after this registration.
It is great to see a site that actually is for lesbians. I am a pagan lesbian from South Africa, looking forward to your site and newsletters."

Message: "I found out about your site thru a friend...I love your cards they are beautiful.....Thank You"

Message: "A friend sent me the link to Lesbian ECards. I'm not sure where she found it."

Message: "nice sensual ecards not tacky ones"

Message: "One of my lesbian friends introduce me to this site. I am just staring out so you can ak me that later on."

Message: "I used, typed in the word lesbian and several links to your website came up. Thats how I found out about you. Great site for lesbian awareness. Thank You"

Message: "Found your sight in the Lesbian Connection."

Message: "All of your cards are great I found the site via a friend & spent the next hour sending cards . . . There is something for everyone!"

Message: "We found you on ask thank you!"

Message: "I support your site 100%"

Message: "I would like to see the e-cards you have and read about your site some more. Thank you"

Message: "The website is awsome keep up the good work."

Message: "First I thank this site for including lesbians. I wanna get this site more free; free more lesbian pictures. ecards, clips, and more more.... thanks!"

Message: "I like to some varaity of friendship card like them commentss or questions. Beautiful Ecards"

Message: "I will be launching a web site shortly. It is.. as the name suggests ..and some aspects of it may not meet with your approval but the intention behind it is to provide a complete service to people of all sexual persuasions, tastes and interests. Part of the site is given over to magazines and publications and I wonder if you would have any objection if I were to include a reference to your site in this context. I feel the range of material you offer could be beneficial to my visitors and naturally there would be an advantage to yourselves in referred business. Please visit the site and judge for yourself. Look at it as a busines venture if you would.

Message: "I found you through google. What I like about the site? I LOVE the wide diversity of cards you offer for women!! Various forms of art and expression are encouraged, its just wonderful to see and be a part of. Thank you one and all! If I may make a suggestion, please find and apply the software that will allow your users to click on the thumb nail and have their choice enlarged. Its hard to read some of the print on the card fronts and you can't "see" the entire card without going through with the filling in the email addy's and such."

Our Response: Thanks so much for your comments. Our Ecard service is free, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the other ones. It would take a lot of backend programming to set up our Ecards to do a larger preview when clicking on them. That function will not work with the software we have now, so we would have to purchase new Ecard PHP software, install it, test it, and then convert over 900 Ecards to work with the new software. Its also a major process to change something this big and get it to work properly with our webhost company. We would have to hire a programmer to come in, and our company is just too small to handle that kind of expense at this time.

One thing you can do is to set up your Browser to automatically fill in forms with your own information. When previewing an Ecard, you could then choose AutoFill, if you are using Explorer, and then click Preview at the bottom of the Ecard page you are on. That way you can quickly see the Ecard before having to really fill in anything, and if you like it, you can use the back button to fill in your recipent's real information and your message. It's what we do to test the Ecards when we first put them online.

We hope in the future to purchase new Ecard software, because on our end we'd love to not have to constantly return Ecards with the wrong addresses on them every day. We have over 2,000 Ecards made daily, and believe me it gets to be a big deal sometimes. We have yet to find software that will automatically do this for us, so we keep looking and hoping : )

Message: "I found you through MSN looking for ecards (because Ii love sending cards)to send to the my girl, the love and inspiration in my life who happens to now live 10 hrs away since I moved to Statesvill, NC 2 weeks ago. I haven't been through the site yet am about to do that now just what to sign up for the newsletter first. I know I will enjoy the site and the cards."


Our Response: At this time we can only afford to send out HTML Email Newsletters. Printing is very expensive, and the postage to send out over 4,000 newsletter each month would be so outrageous that we would have to start charging a fee to use our free Ecards--something we promised we'd never do : ) Please let us know if you do not want to be on our Email Newsletter list, and we will remove you from our database.

Message: "I can not belevie I hadn't known about this site sooner! My girlfriend sent me an e-card from here, & yes I love what I see here very much. Please keep up the great work, I will be back more & more!"

Message: "This was from Google. This is a lovely site! Great resources and information. I live in NYC and I perform as a cabaret and choral singer. Please visit my site: Please feel free to add me as a link. Thank you."

Message: "Enjoy the Mass variety of Art Designs and that you don't just cater to the Gay Community, but to ALL WALKS OF LIFE! More websites such as this one should be available more often and w/out discrimination to race,color,creed or lifestyle. THank you for creating such a Beautiful and COLORFUL WEBSITE oF cards and all those involved in keeping it going!!!"

Message: "the ecards really are wonderful, thank you very much for putting them up!"

Message: "I simply love your site. Lots of beautiful Orchid Ecards. Thank you."

Message: "Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :) "

Message: "I request email information only about this web site. Thank you"

Message: "the e-cards are awesome!"

Message: "Invitation to submit material to Sinister Wisdom: A Journal by and for Lesbians. More info at"

Message: " l have never seen another Ecard sight like this, and l love all of them."

Message: "While diverse in color and location, your "goddesses" are not authentic, and yes, I realize artists may take license with certain subjects, but this is a subject very near and dear to/in my heart. The Goddesses, not every one of them (very, very few were), are not built like Anna Nicole Smith. As with all human wymyn, Goddesses come in every shape and size. Please take that seriously into consideration."

Our Response:
Thanks so much for your email, although sorry to possibly offend you with some of the artwork featured in our galleries. We do not judge our artists or their interpretations of what they believe a Goddess may look like.

The artists on our website show work that runs from a modern interpretation of beauty:

To the Goddesses featured on the Wise Woman Tarot Ecards:

To my own interpretation which were shown to me in meditation:

Our galleries are a free Ecard service, meant to help non-homophobic artists who love women get their artwork out to the world. If you have your own artwork that shows more authentic looking Goddesses, or know of someone else who does artwork of this nature, we'd love to feature this work in our galleries.

Message: "You have a great selection of Ecards! I've found's some nice ones for my girlfriend. Keep up the nice work."

Message: "I just Googled lesbian e-cards"

Message: "I like your site and are happy that you are offering free ecards. Also, this looks like it can be a way of lesbian and bi women networking as well. Thank you for all your work."

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