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Welcome to the
Amazing Dreams Publishing website

Coming Out and Sensuality Support Packages
And over 1,500 free resources for
Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Women WORLDWIDE!

Lesbian and Bisexual BooksOur Books:
Our books are receiving great reviews from our readers. Our Coming Out Guide and our Sex Tips Guide have also been recommended by many magazines and on TV by Sue Johanson on the "Sunday Night Sex Show." These two books are available as soft cover versions and instantly downloadable support packages that can be privately read on your computer. Protecting your privacy is our number one priority, and we offer our Coming Out and Sensual support packages as Ebooks for private download to your computer where you can choose to store them on your hard-dirve or on a removable storage device, like a flash drive or burn them to a CD. We do this so that you can get the information that will help you without having physical books that are easily found by others, or having to purchase them in a local bookstore. Our Sensuality books for both women and men are also available in Spanish. For more information and reviews on our titles, please go to the following links:
Coming Out and Sensuality Books For Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Women, or Sensuality Books for Straight Women and Men.

Wholesale Books:
Our books are available at wholesale prices for bookstores and libraries. See our list of book distributors here: Worldwide Book Distributor

Free Resources for women Coming Out Lesbian Bisexual
Are you coming out as a gay, bisexual or questioning woman?

To support our community, we have a Coming Out Resources Section on our website for Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Women. Our Coming Out Resources include over 100 online links all kinds of helpful information for women such as: Coming Out Books to help your parents, family, and friends; Organizations that fight for our rights; Online support for domestic partner abuse; Religious Issues and LGBT people; Where to go for help if you've been sexually abused; gay friendly places to buy books, videos and toys; How to find others with similar interests. If you need help coming out, please visit the Coming Out Resources Section on our website.

SFLCO Coming Out Support GroupInformation about our online SFLCO Group
Coming Out Support for gay, bisexual and questioning women:

In addition to our Coming Out Support Package, we also offer a free 24/7 online support group! The authors of "How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide" and "Coming Out Advice for Lesbians, Bisexual and Questioning Women" manage and moderate this group, so you will have direct contact with them to ask questions any time you need to do so. This group has been online since November of 2003, and during that time we have helped over 4,000 women worldwide. This free support group is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week At this time there are over 975 members, so you will no longer be alone. If you are coming out as a gay, bisexual or questioning woman, and need a support group for your coming out process, we will gladly consider your membership. Please see the following page for more information: Free Coming Out Support Group For Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Women.

Free Lesbian EcardsOur Free Ecards for gay, bisexual and questioning women:
We now have over 1,200 free Ecard designs from over 30 incredible artists! Check out our Ecard Gallery for artwork designed especially for our community. Our Sensual Ecards are perfect for letting someone know that you are in the mood. We also have specialty holiday Ecards. From scary Halloween Ecards and Romantic Valentine Ecards, to Mother's Day Ecards made especially for gay and bi moms and LGBT Kids, our artists are providing beautiful designs just for us! Click Here for Over 1,200 Free LGBT Ecards!

Lesbian ArtistsAre you an artist or photographer and you
want to get your work listed in our galleries for free?

Our galleries are receiving over 2 million accesses from over 150,000 people per month! Our featured artists who have their own websites are reporting a significant increase of traffic to their sites. Our Ecard artists are making it big too! Private Pink, who designed the Ecard featured to the left, was contacted by the producers of The L Word, and one of their designs was hanging in the Planet Cafe set! If you are an artist and you'd like to feature your work, and have a biography page with a link back to your website or online store, be sure to check out our Ecard Artist Page.

Lesbian Film Movie Reviews Over 100 movie reviews of gay and bisexual women film:
Not sure what movie to bring home on a Friday night? We have over 100 film reviews that go back to 1928! From sweet coming out stories to full-blown love stories, which may even spark some romance in your own relationship, remember to check out our online reviews before you rent or buy. We are also an affiliate with both TLA and Wolfe Video, so any DVDs or Videos you purchase by linking from our site to our affiliate sites gives us a small percentage back from them. This helps us to continue providing free services for our community. TLA and Wolfe are also companies owned and operated by LGBT people, so your privacy is always respected. These two companies have thousands of hit movies which make perfect gifts for anyone--even yourself! Visit our Online movie and DVD reviews for the best in Gay and Bisexual Women Films.

Horoscopes for gay and bisexual women, by Flash Silvermoon
Florida's most accomplished "out" Astrologer and Gainesville's favorite Psychic and Animal Communicator, Flash is the author and creator of The Wise Woman's Tarot and has works in progress that include The Planetary Playbook, Temple of Isis, and Lifetime Companions: Love Never Dies, a book about her healing work with animals. She currently works with all animals, and especially loves her work in animal rescues with tigers, lions, monkeys, and horses. She's been stirring the Kozmic Cauldron for many moons and is once again offering her Astro-Vision to you! Click here for your free Gay and Bi Women Horoscopes.

Lesbian Online Dating AdviceOnline dating advice for gay and bi women
We want all the visitors to our website to have safe and happy lives that include positive, successful relationships with significant others. Because of this, we have online dating tips for gay and bisexual women that include actual advice from members of our coming out group. If you are considering using an online dating website, please read our Online Dating Advice for Gay and Bisexual Women first.

Lesbian Regional Networking GroupsRegional Networking Groups for gay and bisexual women
We have a free online networking service for gay and bisexual women. All such women aged 18 to 118 are welcome. We have Regional Networking Groups for every state in the US, and many English speaking countries. For more information about our free groups, please see the following page: Gay and Bisexual Networking for Women.

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Get the latest Headlines from HRC, and the following specific news-related topics: Gay Partnerships, National Gay Task Force, Gay Rights. Visit our Gay News Updates. Also available: LGBT Marriage Updates.

Resources and Webrings for gay and bisexual women.
As a service to our community we will always trade links with any website that has LGBT content similar to our own website. Just Contact Us with your website's URL, and we will review your website, and if approved we will set up a link exchange with you! You can send us a banner for our Resources Page, or you can write us a paragraph and we will place that with a link back to your website on our Comments Page. Remember to check out our Resources and Webrings for other great websites for Gay and Bisexual women on the Internet!

How you can help us help women worldwide:
How we fund our free Coming Out Support Group
and resources for women is by selling our books and products
selected especially for gay and bisexual women from our website.
If you'd like to help us to help other women worldwide,
please be sure to check out what we have to offer:

Lesbian Sensual Toy StoreSensual Store for Gay and Bisexual Women.
Amazing Dreams Publishing has a sister store for both our Coming Out and Sensual Support Packages. We have over 5,000 of the best sensual toys, hand-picked by and for gay and bisexual women. Our store has secure online shopping, fast delivery, discreet packaging, and no embarrassing visits to your local male-owned toy store. Use our Advanced Search Function to find the perfect birthday or an anniversary gift, or maybe you need to treat yourself to something special. From multifunctional vibrators, to pillows with secret compartments for your toys, we have the best selection for women on the web. Visit our Sensual Toy Store for Lesbians and Bisexual Women today!

Lesbian Flower ShopMake her day even more special! Send Flowers and Gifts from our
Discount Online Lesbian Flower Shop.

Our service for women and the people who love them: The Amazing Dreams Flower Shop! Imagine flowers sent directly from the growers at half the price of regular florists! We found the best online flower distributor who will provide quality products for our community. Flowers are great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to say you care. Visit our Online Discount Flower Shop today!

Lesbian ArtArt Prints, Posters and Magnets for Gay and Bisexual Women.
Want to really impress the neighbors? We've found some gorgeous women loving women themed posters and art prints for you. Frame them yourself, or most can be bought with frames. Decorate your home with beautiful photos of women together, or hang one on your bedroom ceiling! Visit our Art Prints, Posters and beautiful artwork for Gay and Bisexual Women.

Fantasy Women Art
Or if artwork featuring women together is a bit too much for decorating where you live, check out our gorgeous fantasy women artworks! There are over 80 shown on our website, many are available printed on canvas, and you can choose to also have them framed and shipped directly to you or a friend as a gift. Who can resist a gorgeous woman with a sharp, shiny, sword? We sure can't! Visit our Fantasy Women Page for beautiful prints for us.

Lesbian Magnets
We've also got the best magnets to ever adorn your refrigerator or filing cabinet! From sensual to radical, from pride to fun, these magnets make great gifts for friends, lovers, and just about anyone who loves women! Visit our Gay and Bisexual Women Magnet Page for the best in miniature art.

Lesbian Bisexual Pride StoreGay and Bisexual Women LGBT Pride Store.
We now have a great affiliate Over the Rainbow Store with over 2500 gay and bisexual women Pride items! Check out our huge selection of beautiful Pride Items including: Jewelry, Rainbow Key Chains, Flags, Bumper Stickers, Journals, Wrist Bands, Buttons, Pins, Candles, Hats and Caps, and lots of other products! Show who you are to the rest of us! Order online, and have wonderful items sent right to your address in a plain box! See our Gay and Bisexual Pride Store.

Our Monthly Newsletter

We are constantly adding new features to our website. If you'd like updates on our progress, you can sign up for our monthly HTML Newsletter, or view our online version here: Amazing Dreams Newsletter. NOTE: Amazing Dreams Publishing has a strict policy on SPAM. We do not send unsolicited emails or buy Email lists, and we will NEVER sell our opt-in newsletter list PERIOD! For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Want to know what we are doing on a daily basis?

We are members of many social networking sites and we publish updates and fun quotes to many of them, like our Twitter Feed to the right. If you are a member of any of the following networks, we'd love you to follow us. We are members of the following Social Networking sites: Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Twellow, Blogger, Wordpress, Linkedin and Goodreads. If you like what we are doing for our community, please post positive reviews to any of the following websites: Digg, WeeViews, Delicious, StumbleUpon.

Need to find something fast?

Every page of our website has a search engine function at the bottom. For a full list of everything on our website with direct linking be sure to see our Site Map.

About Us:
Amazing Dreams Publishing has been producing books for gay, bisexual, questioning and straight women, and the people who love them, since we opened our doors on October 15, 2001. To read more about our company and what we are doing for our community, please go here: About Amazing Dreams Publishing. To see our awards, click here: Amazing Dreams Publishing Awards. To read the story about how we were nominated to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show, click here: Oprah Heroes Show.

Our writers have written many columns for Gaywired Media, LesbiaNation,, and LOTL Magazine in Australia!
We've written on topics ranging from coming out to dating online, from relationship issues to how to spice up your love life! To see our recent articles please go here:Gay and Bisexual Women Articles.

Our writers have also been interviewed and featured in many magazines and websites
Tracey and Kathy, authors of our Coming Out and Sensual Support Packages, have been interviewed by AOL and MATCH.COM's Happen Magazine. To read their interviews and free press releases, please visit our Amazing Dreams Publishing Pressroom Page.

Do you want to make extra money and help us support women worldwide?
Anyone who owns a website, has a Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking page, writes a blog, or is a member of a news group or any other group, our Amazing Dreams Affiliate Program can easily make you money! We have coming out and sensuality book packages for gay, bisexual and questioning women, and we have how to make love to women packages for men. Our sensuality packages are also available in Spanish. If you'd like to make some extra money from your web presence, please visit our Affiliate Program for more information. All proceeds from our affiliate programs will help us keep our online coming out support group free for women who are coming out worldwide.

Do you have a website, product or business
that you'd like to advertise on our website?

Our website is targeted primarily for gay, bisexual and questioning women. If you have a company or product that needs more exposure to our community, then banner advertising with us is an inexpensive way to do this. We extensively market our company. Our website gets over 2,000 visitors per day, and over 1 million accesses each month, so people in our community will see your ad. For more information, please see our Amazing Dreams Publishing Web Site Banner Ad Page.

Publish your book for gay, bisexual or questioning women:
Do you have a nonfiction book you believe in but haven't been successful getting it published? Perhaps your manuscript has been turned down time and again and you now have no idea where to go? At Amazing Dreams Publishing we are committed to assisting writers who are tired of the struggles many women face in the publishing world. For more information about our plans, go here: Publishing nonfiction books for Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Women.

What our loyal supporters are saying about us
We've received hundreds of emails from women who appreciate what we are doing for our community. If you'd like to read some of these comments, please visit the Your Comments page. If have a comment you would like to share, or information about your own website, just use our Contact Form to send us a paragraph about your website, and we will list your comments and your link on our Your Comments page.

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