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Do It Yourself with Rosie Fingers, Part 2
How To Tiptoe Through The Two-lips

Taking matters into your own hands, also known as masturbation, is natural and healthy for any woman, and there are many ways to go about it.

Some women prefer to use their own bodies to masturbate. Some use direct stimulation with their fingers and hands, and some can cross their legs, squeezing their muscles or rocking until they have an orgasm. Depending on how discreet you are, you can have an orgasm about anywhere doing this.

Other women use all kinds of things to achieve self-satisfaction, like vibrators and body massagers, dildos, electric tooth brushes, shower massagers, kitchen utensils, ice cubes, and various foods and fruit. Seems almost anything you can think of can be used to stimulate yourself; you just have to be careful doing it. Do not use glass items such as bottles or light bulbs, because they can break and cause severe injury or even death!

Some women only like to stimulate their clitoris, AKA Playing Their Clitars, some like thrusting penetration, and others like to hit their own G-Spots, or have anal stimulation. Some women like a combination of all of these things. There really is no right or wrong way to go about self-indulgence, and the very best way is to find out what is great for you.

I have met many women who had never even thought of touching themselves, so if you've never let your fingers do the walking before, here are some ways to get you started on the path of getting to know yourself:

First off, think about what turns you on. Does reading a sensual novel get your juices flowing? Or are you more visual, and you need to watch a movie with two women making hot lesbian love? Many women can fantasize their own scenarios in their heads, something they've imagined, or a scene they've read or watched, and their bodies react to what they are visualizing. Whatever intensifies your arousal is a good thing to do before you decide to experiment with your own body for the first time.

You will need to feel comfortable and to make sure you have privacy. This is your time for you, so go to a place where you feel totally safe, like the bedroom, or anywhere that feels secure where you will not be disturbed by other humans or pets.

Turn off your phone and close your blinds. You don't want to start getting in the mood and then have a phone solicitor call you, and you sure don't want to be paranoid that someone may look through your window and see you--well, unless you are into being an exhibitionist, and that's a whole other story.

To feel comfortable, you might want to take a nice bath, put on loose fitting clothes, or snuggle up naked under a soft, warm, blanket. Once you are in your comfort zone, now is the time to reach for your book, turn on your DVD, or start to fantasize.

If you are reading or watching a great sex scene, or if you have a wonderful fantasy playing in your own mind, soon you should feel your body starting to become aroused. There are many ways to experience arousal. Some women feel heat all over their bodies, some get flushed in the face, neck, and chest, and others feel their heart and respiration rates increasing. Many women feel something more direct, like their clitoris will enlarge and become quite sensitive.

Once you feel yourself becoming aroused, you can start touching your own body. Some women like to touch themselves everywhere–a type of foreplay where they lightly caress places like their necks, thighs, or breasts. Others like to skip that and move on down to the path of pleasure. Whatever turns you on is what you are looking for here.

Many women start by gently massaging their Mons Pubis (AKA Mound of Venus), which is the outside part of the vagina that usually has hair, then slowly move into the vulva area where they can teasingly stroke their clitoris. Other women just dive on in for direct stimulation to the clitoris, and some like penetration right away.

Some women like to move their whole bodies with the rhythm of what their hands are doing, with legs either closed or open, and some women prefer to become very rigid, tensing all their muscles,\ and clamping their thighs shut. You can lie on your back or stomach, sit up, kneel, or stand. Whatever you want is perfect for you, but take your time to explore different positions, motions, pressures, and speeds.

The key to a great orgasm is usually consistent stimulation, so once you figure out what your own body likes, keep the stimulation constant. Some women take a long time to reach orgasm, which can tire their arms and hands so much that they can never climax. If you are in this category, using some kind of a vibrator would probably help.

Depending on where and what you want to stimulate, there are many types and styles of vibrators to choose from. There are some that use electricity and others that use batteries; some look like penises, bananas, and even cats, and some are smooth and look like little rockets. There are some that are curved to hit the G-spot, and there are some like little butterflies that you can wear inside your clothes. Our Lesbian Sex Tips Sensual Toy Store, which is located at, has over 5,000 sensual products to choose from. The nice thing about our online store is that you can shop in private on your home computer, and not have to visit your local sex store.

The best toy I've found for multiple clitoral orgasms is a regular handheld vibrating massager that you can buy at almost any drug store. These electric massagers usually have several attachments, which you can experiment with. The most important thing when using one of these vibrators is that you should be as dry as possible in your outer vulva area. If the revolutions per minute are fast enough, it can burn you, so use a dry towel and wipe yourself off before placing the vibrator near your delicate parts. If it is too strong use some soft cloth between you and the vibrator. Also, these things can be powerful enough to cause a woman to ejaculate. Make sure not to do this on the vibrator! Remember, this is an electrical appliance. It can short-out or shock you if you soak it down, so don't use it in your bathtub or shower either.

You can also use a handheld massager with a hollow dildo. Find the attachment that best fits inside of the dildo and turn it on while it's inside of you. This can produce a very intense orgasm, especially if you have it angled up towards the G-spot, or down towards the rectum, which also stimulates the clitoris. If you use a handheld vibrator in this way, lubrication is a must. The dildo will take most of the RPM, so it should not burn anyone who is using it. You can also use a dildo or internal vibrator while using your fingers, or even a second vibrator on your clitoris for a mind-blowing double orgasm.

Another fun way to have clitoral orgasms, is with a pulsating shower massage. Make sure the water is not too hot, and always have the stream of water pointing down across your clitoris and away from your vaginal opening. Some of these shower massagers are very powerful, so NEVER point the stream up into your vagina. You could get a nasty infection or even worse an injury. Again, do not mix electric toys with water.

Remember, always play safe when using any appliances or sex toys when you surf your southern channel.

The advice in this column is the opinion of the writers and is not intended as a
substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a health care professional.

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