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Top Lesbian Film Reviews
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The Sex Monster  Lesbian Film ReviewsThe Sex Monster (1999, 97 min, US)
Director: Mike Binder Studio: Trimark
Starring: Mike Binder, Mariel Hemingway, Renée Humphrey, Taylor Nichols, Missy Crider, Christopher Lawford, Joanna Heimbold, Kevin Pollak, Stephen Baldwin

This sex comedy centers on the premise: What if you convinced your wife to have a ménage-a-trois and she liked it so much you find yourself sleeping on the couch? Mariel Hemingway stars as a quietly contented wife, Laura, whose libido is set afire after she reluctantly agrees to allow another women in bed with her and her husband. Laura's long pent-up lesbian desires explode into a frenzy of kisses, grinding, and other oral pleasuring, and all of this action leaves poor Marty the odd man out.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): The Sex Monsterat TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

The Sex Monster
Mariel Hemingway making out with women, all kinds of women, what more could you want? We watch it every time it comes on cable. Some really funny parts, and any man who has ever entertained a threesome with his wife or GF should watch this film before doing so.


Shelter Me Lesbian Film Shelter Me (2007, 98 min. Italy)
Director: Marco S. Puccioni Studio : Wolfe Releasing
Starring: Antonia Liskova, Gisella Burinato, Maria de Medeiros

As Anna and Mara are stopped at the border while returning home from their vacation in Tunisia, Anna discovers an Arab stowaway named Anis hiding in their car. She quietly helps smuggle him into Italy, unbeknownst to her lover. Despite the couple's disagreement over what to do with the boy, they impulsively decide to take him into their home, providing him with all of the spoils that go along with it -- food, clothes and a warm bed. In line to inherit her family's successful shoe manufacturing business, Anna sets up Anis with a job there. Her new pet project strains her already frail relationship with her alluring, live-in girlfriend. Mara (who looks like a blonde Hilary Swank) also works at the shoe factory -- another product of her partner's good intentions -- and struggles to maintain her own identity and look after her dying father. This unconventional family somehow starts to function as a unit, but tensions soon mount as Anis continually questions why two women are sleeping in the same bed, Mara becomes more and more detached from everything and Anna longs for her mother's approval. Shelter Me is a superbly crafted film that shows how, despite their good intentions, these characters and their idiosyncrasies might bring down the delicate balance that they have all grown to need. (Italian with English subtitles)

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Shelter Me at TLA Video
OR Shelter Me [Riparo] at Wolfe Video

She Must Be Seeing Things Lesbian FilmShe Must Be Seeing Things (1988, 85 min, US)
Director: Sheila McLaughlin Studio: First Run Features
Starring: Sheila Dabney, Lois Weaver

This interesting love story follows the rocky relationship of Agatha, a New York lawyer, and Jo, a filmmaker. While Jo is out of town, Agatha comes upon her diary and photos, which suggest that she is developing an interest in men and may be unfaithful to her. Agatha's growing jealousy and her frantic attempts to keep her wavering lover interested result in her donning men's clothing and spying on her unsuspecting partner.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): She Must Be Seeing Things at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

She Must Be Seeing Things
Didn't see it, but sounds interesting.

Show Me Love Lesbian Film ReviewShow Me Love (1998, 89 min, Sweden)
Director: Lukas Moodysson Studio: Strand Releasing
Starring: Alexandra Dahlstrom, Rebecca Liljeberg, Erica Carlson,
Mathias Rust, Stefan Horberg, Josefin Nyberg

This comedic, romantic Swedish drama is set in the backwater town Amal and follows teenager Agnes (Liljeberg), a serious, dark-haired high school outsider who secretly falls in love with the carefree Elin (Dahlstrom), one of the cool “in” girls. Agnes is a troubled baby dyke who needs a hand. How Elin reaches out to the other teen and how their friendship turns to a relationship is told in a sympathetic, uplifting, and wonderfully romantic fashion. (Swedish with English subtitles).

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Show Me Love at TLA Video OR Show Me Love at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Show Me Love
Didn't see it, but sounds like a great one for young women who are coming out.

Some Prefer Cake Lesbian FilmSome Prefer Cake (1997, 94 min, US)
Studio: Wolfe
Cast: Kathleen Fontaine, Tara Howley, Desi Del Valle, Machiko Saito
Director: Heidi Arnesen, Jeannie Kahaney

An appetizing and seductive comedy that centers around the friendship and tangled love lives of two young San Francisco women: the aspiring comedian and sexually carefree lesbian Kira (Kathleen Fontaine) and her best friend Sydney (Tara Howley), an insecure food-obsessed straight woman. With only stage fright keeping her from a successful stand-up comedy career, the dark-haired beauty Kira drowns her professional problems by bedding a bevy of nearly nameless babes. With all the gory bedroom details recounted later to the rapt attention to her best friend Sydney, a gal who'd rather eat her sweets than to bother with a relationship. But just when Kira thinks she's fallen in love (with the lovely Desi del Valle) she finds herself stalked (in that Alex from Fatal Attraction fashion) by Katie (Machiko Saito), a deranged and delusional former one-night conquest. Will she find inspiration and stability in a relationship or will the calculating Katie have her way? A delirious mix of sexual entanglements, heady melodrama and tender humor.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Some Prefer Cake at TLA Video OR Some Prefer Cake at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Some Prefer Cake
Didn't see it, but sounds like fun.


Sugar Sweet  Lesbian Film ReviewSugar Sweet
(2001, 67 min, Japan)
Studio: Wolfe
Cast: Saori Kitagawa, C. Snatch Z, Saki
Director: Desiree Lim
Screenwriter: Desiree Lim

Trapped between the necessity of making ends meet and her repressed artistic desires, Naomi is not only a filmmaker who has been hired to direct a reality-based TV dating show, but she also makes lesbian porn. She soon clashes with both her producers and her dyke friends. Her only link to sanity is a clandestine cyber romance she is having with a mystery woman named Sugar. For her first television show, Naomi recruits her free-spirited best friend Azusa, who is looking for adventure outside her tedious relationship, and the seductive Miki, an office manager by day and go-go dancer by night. As the show is being taped, the triangle takes shape! Azusa thinks she is falling in love with Miki, and Miki becomes attracted to Naomi!
Sugar Sweet is a fun, sexually charged romp through Japan's metropolis with plenty of eye candy, innuendos, fantasy, vibrators, strap-ons, and nipple clamps. The vivid dyke underground is steeped in exotic women, fetish foreplay, and safe sex, but director Desiree Lim skillfully blends eroticism with romanticism. Each character experiences the ebbs and flows of the game of love, and not without some playfulness along the way. (Japanese with English subtitles).

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Sugar Sweet at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Sugar Sweet
Didn't see it, but sounds like fun.


Therese and Isabelle lesbian Film Review
Therese and Isabelle
(1968, 102 min, France)
Director: Radley Metzger Studio: First Run//Image
Starring: Essy Persson, Anna Gael, Barbara Laage, Anne Vernon

Set in an all-girls' Catholic boarding school, this milestone film is a tender glimpse at the erotic affair of two young women. Unlike many other works of the period, this provocative drama offers a non-exploitative picture of budding female sexuality, some very hot love scenes, and lots of schoolgirl emotional tension. (French with English subtitles).

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Therese and Isabelle at TLA Video OR
Therese and Isabelle at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Threse and Isabelle
Didn't see it, but would like to do so.


The L Word Season 3: The Complete First Season  Lesbian Film ReviewThin Ice (1995, 88 min, GB)
Director: Fiona Cunningham Reid Studio: Wolfe
Starring: Sabra Willams, Charlotte Avery

When black photographer and amateur skater (Williams) loses her bed and skating partner shortly before competing in the 1994 Gay Games competition, she begins a desperate search for a suitable replacement. She thinks she finds one in Nathalie (Avery), a young “straight” woman and skating novice. While the two fine-tune their technique on the ice, they also begin a romance that proves to be just as difficult to master. A heart-warming romantic comedy.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Thin Ice at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Thin Ice
Didn't see it, but would like to do so.


Three of Hearts Lesbian Film Review
Three of Hearts
(1993, 101 min, US)
Director: Yurek Bogayevicz Studio: Turner
Starring: Sherilyn Fenn, Kelly Lynch, William Baldwin, Joe Pantoliano

Stung by her sudden breakup with Ellen (Sherilyn Fenn), the lovelorn Connie (Kelly Lynch) concocts a wild plan for reconciliation. She hires male hustler Joey (William Baldwin) to seduce and abandon Ellen, breaking her heart so Connie can get her back on the rebound. Though not the breakthrough Hollywood lesbian film it promised to be, veering into the comforting embrace of heterosexuality, it is still remarkably charming and far from a complete failure in dealing with lesbian issues.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Three of Hearts at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Three of Hearts
Sad. Woman with woman, strays for man, la, la, la--the woman who plays the Drag King on L Word, Kelly Lynch, is in this film.


The Virgin Machine Lesbian Film ReviewThe Virgin Machine (1988, 85 min, Germany)
Director: Monika Treut Studio: First Run Features
Starring: Ina Blum, Susie Bright

This thought-provoking sexual odyssey tells the story of a young West German woman and her search for “romantic love.” Frustrated by the emptiness of her native Hamburg, Dorothee decides to flee her home to search for her mother, who is living in San Francisco. Once arrived, however, her trek turns into a process of sexual discovery. Filmed in a steamy black and white, the film exudes a sensuality in which simple lust is transformed into glorious eroticism. (English and German with English subtitles).

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): The Virgin Machine at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review::
The Virgin Machine
Didn't see it, but would like to do so.

Tick Tock Lullaby  Lesbian Film ReviewTick Tock Lullaby (2007, 73 min, Great Britain)
Studio: Wolfe
Starring: David Lazenby, Jake Canuso, Joanna Bending, Lisa Gornick, Matthew Parish, Raquel Cassidy, Sam Spruell, Sarah Patterson, William Bowry
Director: Lisa Gornick
A playful cartoon artist and her sassy partner have settled into a comfortable domesticity in their London flat, though something has begun to alarm them -- their biological clocks!
Sasha questions whether she wants something more out of life than her carefree routine of work, friends and urbane leisure. Envying the straight couples who Maya and Sasha think have it easy, the women set out to experience the spontaneity of an unexpected pregnancy. What better way than to go cruising the streets of London for the ideal sperm donor? Enter dark and handsome Laurence, with whom Sasha becomes intertwined in her quest for a seed, and things get really interesting. Along the way, other baby dramas are woven through the dyke couple's story. Moody Fiona is hesitant to conceive with her passive husband Todd, while Gillian, Fiona's sister, prowls the city's bars for potential daddies (who also happen to become the subjects of her erotic photographs). Clever writer/director Lisa Gornick (Do I Love You?) scores with her upbeat second feature that uses delicate pacing, subtle and wry dialogue and a naturalistic style to bring the complex inner lives of her characters to life. Tick Tock Lullaby brings a sexy, witty edge to the debate over what it means to be a gay parent.
-- Maggie Boccella.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Tick Tock Lullaby at TLA Video
Tick Tock Lullaby at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:
Tick Tock Lulllaby
Didn't see it, but would like to do so.

Tipping the Velvet Lesbian Film, Lesbian Movie
Tipping the Velvet
(2002, 178 min, Great Britain)
Director: Geoffrey Sax, Acorn Media
Starring: Rachael Stirling, Keeley Hawes, Anna Chancellor, Jodhi May, Hugh Bonneville, Johnny Vegas, Alexei Sayle, John Bowe, Sally Hawkins
Tipping the Velvet is a stunning tour-de-force lesbian romantic drama in grand BBC style with fabulous music, costumes, acting, language, story and yes -- sex. Nan Astley (Stirling) is a sweet girl who shucks oysters in her parent's Whitstable oyster parlor. One night she accompanies her family and boyfriend, with whom she is not smitten, to the vaudeville show. On stage she is entranced by the site of male impersonator, Kitty Butler (Hawes). After weeks her stares come to Kitty's attention, and Nan is summoned backstage. When Kitty asks her to become her dresser, she readily complies. Just a small touch of Kitty sends her reeling. This powerful BBC drama is both a frank depiction of lesbianism and a witty and moving account of a young woman who will win your heart while searching for her own.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Tipping the Velvet at TLA Video
OR Tipping The Velvet at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Tipping the Velvet
Gorgeous Movie, incredible costumes, great love story.


The Truth About Jane Lesbian  Film ReviewThe Truth About Jane (2001, 91 min, US)
Director: Lee Rose, Studio: Starlight Home Entertainment
Starring: Stockard Channing, Alicia Lagano, Kelly Rowan, Ellen Muth, James Naughton, RuPaul

Jane (Muth) appears to be like any other teenage girl, except to herself. The cutest boy in the class flirts with her, but all she feels is the dull ache of attraction for the adorable new girl in class, Taylor (Lagano). Jane's mom (Stockard Channing) assumes that her daughter is just like any other fifteen-year-old girl, confused about her adolescence.
Fifteen-year-old Jane lives the quintessential suburban life with her parents and younger brother (whom she can't stand). Although popular, Jane has always felt somewhat different than her peers. However, after meeting Taylor, a transfer student at school, Jane's life changes irrevocably. Jane and Taylor become close friends very quickly, and Jane feels a connection to Taylor that she's never felt with her other friends. One night, Taylor kisses Jane, and it becomes clear to Jane that she's found what has been lacking in her life.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
The Truth About Jane at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

The Truth About Jane
Good coming out story. Woman who was in Dead Like Me is in this film.


A Woman Like Eve Lesbian Film ReviewA Woman Like Eve (1979, 100 min, Netherlands)
Director: Noichka van Brakel
Starring: Maria Schneider, Monique Van De Ven

This sensitive drama stars Monique Van De Ven as Eve, whose secure but unhappy marriage ends in divorce when she finds fulfillment in the arms of a free-spirited lesbian folk singer played by Maria Schneider. An early European effort at a positive portrayal of lesbians, which was made by a production crew made up primarily of women.
(This video is currently out of print and is not available for sale, but may be found for rent.)

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): A Woman Like Eve at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

A Woman Like Eve
Didn't see it, but would like to do so


When Night Is Falling Lesbian Film ReviewWhen Night Is Falling (1994, 96 min, Canada)
Director: Patricia Rozema Studio: Wolfe
Starring: Pascale Bussières, Rachael Crawford, Henry Czerny

Camille (Pascale Bussières) is a Christian academician romantically involved with Martin (Henry Czerny), a nice enough fellow teacher more interested in advancement than romance. Camille's repressed emotions and desire for true love come to the surface after she meets flamboyant circus performer Petra (Rachael Crawford). Despite being opposites, the two are attracted to each other. Initially denying her sexual attraction to the exotic African-Canadian Petra, Camille plays a repetitive game of “I want you, no, I don't” that is, until Camille finally unleashes her pent-up desires in one of the more sexually charged lesbian love scenes ever filmed.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): When Night is Falling at TLA Video OR
When Night is Falling at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

When Night is Falling
Sweet film about a repressed teacher falling for a wild circus performer. The dog scene was a bit distrubing, but the filming was beautiful, especially the trapeze artists, and the women were lovely, and we give it a big 4 stars!


Wild Side Lesbian Film ReviewWild Side
(1995, 96 min, US)
Director: Franklin Brauner Studio: Pioneer
Starring: Christopher Walken, Anne Heche, Steven Bauer, Joan Chen

This torrid love story is packaged in the guise of a standard straight-to-video soft-core action/thriller. Anne Heche is Alex Lee, a banker by day and a high-class hooker by night. Both of her careers are sent in a tailspin after a $1,500 tryst with Bruno Buckingham (Christopher Walken), a bug-eyed, high-living businessman with criminal intentions. An elegant and gorgeous Joan Chen is Virginia Chow, Bruno's wife, who meets and immediately is attracted to the beautiful Alex. Before she realizes it, Alex is caught up in a plot to inject a computer virus into the national banking system, is a pawn of a sex-crazed FBI man, and in love (with Virginia) for the first time. This is an action/thriller that is actually a lesbian wet dream in disguise.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Wild Side at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Wild Side
Love this one, but then we love Christopher Walken. The sex scene between Joan Chen and Ellen's ex, Anne Heche, is hotter than hades. We saw Oprah interviewing Anne Heche and saying "You NEVER thought about being a lesbian BEFORE you met Ellen?" Thinking Oprah must have seen this movie, because we sure didn't believe that either.


The World UnseenLesbian Film Review The World Unseen (2008, 94 min, South Africa)
Director: Shamim Sarif Studio : Here!, E1 Entertainment
Starring: Lisa Ray, Nandana Sen, Parvin Dabas, Sheetal Sheth

Based on the award-winning novel of the same name, The World Unseen(/i> is a sweeping romantic lesbian tale set in early apartheid-era South Africa in 1952. At the center of it all is the Locomotion Café, a place where its brazen, wide-eyed and beautiful owner Amina (enthralling Sheetal Sheth) willfully questions the town’s authority as well as her traditional Indian roots. Donning men’s clothes, the spirited café owner stands out in the community by fighting the police who come every week to harass her African business partner and patrons. On one such day, a gorgeous Indian woman named Miriam (brilliant Bollywood actress Lisa Ray) enters the café and powerful sparks fly between the two. The obedient wife and mother of three never before thought to veer from her conventional duties even though she knows that her husband is having an affair. Her passionate connection to Amina gives Miriam strength and courage, but following her heart could lead the two and everyone around them down a tumultuous road filled with hatred and cruelty. Award-winning novelist and talented first-time filmmaker Shamim Sarif brings the pages of her book to life and captures the complexities of love and discrimination in volatile 1950s South Africa.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
The World Unseen at TLA Video

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