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French Twist Film Review
French Twist
(1995, 100 min, France)
Director: Josiane Balasko Studio: Disney/Miramax
Starring: Josiane Balasko, Victoria Abril, Alain Chabat
Victoria Abril is Loli, the dutiful, housebound Spanish wife of a boorish French real estate broker (Alain Chabat), who prides himself on his profusion of extramarital affairs. Marijo (Josiane Balasko), a cigar-smoking dyke from Paris, lands on their doorstep in the South of France with a broken-down VW minivan. After a bit of small talk, Marino makes a pass at Loli. Starved for the attention of her philandering husband, Loli responds warmly to these advances, much to his outrage. But when his indiscretions come to light the whole situation really blows up and Loli retaliates in a most unusual way. (French with English subtitles)

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
French Twist at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

French Twist
Liked it..


Fried Green Tomatoes Film ReviewFried Green Tomatoes (1991, 130 min, USA)
Director: Jon Avnet Studio: Universal
Starring: Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker, Jessica Tandy, Cicely Tyson, Chris O'Donnell, Stan Shaw, Lois Smith

Adapted from Fannie Flagg's novel "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe," this endearing adaptation centers on the relationship between two pairs of women in separate time frames: but studiously avoids any of the lesbianism of the book. Of this, director Avnet said, "You can take it how you want to. I had no interest in going into the bedroom." Regardless of the filmmaker's intentions, there is a palpable sexual energy between Idgy and Ruth. Wonderful and warm movie.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Fried Green Tomatoes at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:
Fried Green Tomatoes
Loved the movie! Great actresses, lots of love between women, and an implied lesbian relationshp that left us wishing for more.


Gasoline  Film ReviewGasoline
(2001, 90 min, Italy)
Director: Monica Lisa Stambrini, Studio: Strand Releasing
Starring: Regina Orioli, Mariella Valentini, Maya Sansa, Luigi Maria Burruano

A bespectacled student dropout, and Stella (Maya Sansa), a tough girl mechanic, are lovers, running a countryside service station/cafe. It's a happy, quiet existence for the adoring pair. That is, until Lenniís domineering, truculent mother shows up, sparking a violent confrontation that ends with her bloodied corpse. Although an accidental homicide, Lenni and Stella decide to cover up their gruesome act of matricide by clandestinely disposing of mom's body. Unfortunately, just then a bored group of hetero twits materialize and mess with the panicked girls, resulting in a wild cat-and-mouse road trip and literally explosive finale! Oh - and there's some racy lesbian restroom sex, mom's nagging ghost, and relationship frictions thrown in for good measure.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Gasolineat TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Why do lesbians always have to be either evil, drug addicts, kill themselves, or kill someone else?


Gaudi Afternoon Lesbian Film ReviewGaudi Afternoon
(2000, 88 min, Spain)
Director: Susan Seidelman, Studio: First Look
Starring: Judy Davis, Marcia Gay Harden, Lili Taylor, Juliette Lewis, Christopher Bowen, Maria Barranco
Susan Seidelman's latest film mixes Almodovar with a dash of mystery and plops it down in the back alleys, boulevards, parks and stylish apartments of scenic Barcelona. Based on Barbara Wilson's lesbian detective novel, the film stars Judy Davis as Cassandra Reilly, an eccentric dyke American ex-pat who translates Spanish novels for a living. She's struggling with her current project and running quite low on cash when Frankie (Harden) propositions Reilly to spy on her ex-husband Ben and daughter for the sum of $3000. Reilly accepts the proposition but finds out rather quickly that Stevens has lied to her and nothing is as it seems.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Gaudi Afternoonat TLA Video

Ghosted Lesbian Film ReviewGhosted (2009, 89 min, US)
Director: Monika Treut , Studio: First Run Features
Starring: Inga Busch, Huan-Ru Ke, Ting Ting Hu, Jana Schulz, Marek Harloff, Jack Kao, Yi-Ching Lu, Kevin Chen
Ghosted an ethereal lesbian love story set in Taiwan and Germany, cleverly utilizes flashbacks to bridge the ocean between between Eastern and Western cultural beliefs.
In Tawain, ghosts are rarely a laughing matter; in this ancestor-worship culture where the memories of the living nurture the deceased, there is a belief that the dead, become ghosts roaming between heaven and earth. In Ghosted -- an unconventional, meditative love story directed by veteran German filmmaker Monika Treut -- we are introduced to Sophie (Ingra Busch), a 40-something renowned German video artist who has returned to Taipei to open an exhibition dedicated to her late Taiwanese lover Ai-Ling (Huan-Re Ke). There she meets Mei-Lie (Ting Ting Hu), a pushy and beautiful journalist who eerily reminds her of Ai-Ling. Mei-Li's constant questions and flirtatious overtures are too much too soon and Sophie retreats to Hamburg. When the journalist mysteriously turns up on her doorstop, Sophie decides to open herself to new sexual adventures. Her new-found trust is soon shattered when she discovers that Mei-Li isn't who she claims to be. Suspensful and complex, this cross-border narrative is a rich addition to Treut's growing body of work..

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Ghosted at TLA Video
OR Ghosted at Wolfe Video

Gia Lesbian Film ReviewGia (1998, 125 min, US)
Director: Michael Cristofer Studio: HBO
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kylie Travis, Mercedes Ruehl, Faye Dunaway

A mesmerizing, fact-based drama about the tragic life of bisexual supermodel Gia Carangi, Cristofer's mercurial film boasts a sensational performance by Jolie in the title role. Gia's rise and fall from an unruly Philadelphia teenager who becomes a top model to drug addict and AIDS victim makes for spellbinding viewing. As Gia seeks love and support from her mother (Ruehl) and her hesitant girlfriend Linda (Mitchell), she breaks all the rules, and everyone's heart. Cristofer's approach to the material is never melodramatic; however, he uses diary snippets and memories from those who knew her to depict Gia's fast life and untimely death.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Gia at TLA Video
OR Gia (Unrated) at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Angelina Jolie: incredible, sensual, beautiful, awesome power in her acting. This sad-as- anything true story about the rise and fall of a NYC lebian supermodel, made me want to hold Gia tightly and save her from the evilness of the world that she had stumbled into.


A Girl Thing Lesbian Film ReviewsA Girl Thing (2002, US)
Director: Lee Rose, Studio: Showtime
Starring: Kate Capshaw, Stockard Channing, Rebecca DeMornay, Mia Farrow, Linda Hamilton, Elle Macpherson, Camryn Manheim, Glenne Headly, Allison Janney, Peta Wilson, Lynn Whitfield

A Girl Thing is a Showtime mini series consisting of four separate stories featuring women dealing with life's unexpected twists and turns.
The first story features Lauren (Macpherson), an attorney on a double blind date, finds herself attracted to Casey (Capshaw), an advertising executive. The unexpected romance helps the women define their own sexuality. The second story is about three sisters Kim (De Mornay), Kathy (Janney), and Helen (Headly) learning how to deal with each other while coping with the death of their controlling mother Josephine (Franz). As the third story unfolds, these women Nia- the wife (Whitfield), Betty- the lover (Farrow), and Rachael- the hired private investigator, plot their revenge to Paul- Nia's cheating husband (Bakula) a taste of his own medicine. In the final story, Suzanne (Manheim), a seriously emotionally disturbed patient threatens Dr. Noonan, her assistant and another patient at gunpoint. As the drama unfolds, find out what happens when Dr. Noonan terminates their relationship with a surprising result. With an astounding cast of actresses, A Girl Thing accurately depicts women's emotions during all aspects of their lives. The writing and directing are very convincing and the New York City background heighten the appeal of this mini series.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
A Girl Thing at TLA VIdeo

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

A Girl Thing
Loved this mini series. Hot, slide-off -the-couch-hot, love scenes between Cate Capshaw and Elle Macpherson; excellent writing and acting!


Girls in Prison Lesbian FilmGirls in Prison
(1994, 82 min, US)
Director: John McNaughton, Studio: Disney/Dimension
Starring: Anne Heche, Ione Skye, Missy Crider, Bahni Turner, Jon Polito

This spirited Showtime spoof of women-behind-bars films should delight any fan of trash cinema. Set during the "Communist Witch Hunt" of the 1950s, the film focuses on a trio of gals sent to an L.A. slammer for diverse reasons: Skye, a lesbian writer, is accused of being a Commie; Turner gets all medieval on a hate-spewing TV commentator; and Crider is an aspiring folk singer falsely accused of stabbing record producer Polito. Since the homespun Crider is the real innocent, the other women unite to get her off the hook. With the help of an outside detective, they discover that Heche, a golddigging harpy, has set up Crider in order to reap the rewards of her soon-to-be hit record. Based on an AIP film from the 1950s, Girls in Prison may be the final film credit of tabloid great Sam Fuller, who penned the script with steamy shower scenes, a host of hot-to-trot cartoony characters, and hardboiled dialogue.
For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Girls in Prison.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Girls in Prison at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Girls in Prison
Didn't see it, but wish we had.

Go Fish Lesbian FilmGo Fish (1994, 85 min, US)
Director: Rose Troche Studio: MGM
Starring: Guinevere Turner, V.S. Brodie

Seriously cute and boyishly hip Max (Turner), after a drought of ten months, is looking for love. She possibly finds it in the person of Ely (V.S. Brodie), a semi-dorky, slightly older woman. How the two women meet, court, and get together is wonderfully handled in a light, effervescent fashion that paints a finely detailed and on-target picture of young lesbian life.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Go Fish at TLA Video OR Go Fish at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Go Fish

Didn't see it, but sounds like fun.

Grau Matters Lesbian FilmGray Matters (2007, 96 min, US)
Director: Sue Kramer Studio: Fox
Starring: Heather Graham, Sissy Spacek, Molly Shannon, Bridget Moynahan, Tom Cavanagh, Alan Cumming

In this hilarious romantic comedy, Gray (Heather Graham) helps her brother (Tom Cavanaugh) find the love of his life. But the night before her brother's wedding, Gray's world is turned upside-down when she discovers that she has feelings for his fiancé (Bridget Moynahan)! With the help of a sarcastic co-worker (Molly Shannon), a sympathetic cab driver (Alan Cumming), and her therapist (Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek), Gray is forced to figure out who she really is.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Gray Matters at TLA Video
OR Gray Matters at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Gray Matters

Sweet coming out movie with lots of attraction to two beautiful women.
Henry and June  Lesbian FilmHenry & June (1990, 140 min, US)
Director: Philip Kaufman Studio: Universal
Starring: Fred Ward, Uma Thurman, Maria de Medeiros, Richard E. Grant, Kevin Spacey

The first film to earn the MPAA's NC-17 rating, director Kaufman's steamy adaptation of Anaïs Nin's novel about the passionate love triangle between herself, writer Henry Miller, and his wife June is a glorious sexual and literary odyssey through the streets of 1930s Paris. Exquisitely photographed, “Henry & June” sumptuously evokes a frenzied carnival atmosphere and makes for an extraordinary sensual cinematic experience.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): Henry & June at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Henry & June
One of our all-time favorites. Based on a true story written by Anais Nin; beautifully filmed, incredibly sensual affairs of the heart--so passionate in its erotic glory, and the writing is remarkable.


High Art: Here and Now Lesbian Film ReviewHigh Art
(1998, 102 min, US)
Director: Lisa Cholodenko Studio: USA Home Entertainment
Starring: Ally Sheedy, Dadha Mitchell, Patricia Clarkson, Tammy Grimes, Bill Sage

Syd (Mitchell) is a straight, blonde-haired woman working as an intern at a high-powered photo magazine. She finds her ticket to fame and lesbianism in the person of Lucy Berliner (Sheedy). Lucy is a burned-out ex-photographer, living a decadent, druggy life with Greta (Clarkson), a German actress. Syd’s lesbian urges are kicked into overdrive as she becomes entranced with the cool, thin Lucy. Their relationship sparks Lucy’s creative juices and offers a career opportunity for Syd. The only losers are their ex’s. A film which offers intriguing ideas on the nature of love, drugs, and art.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): High Art at TLA Video
OR High Art at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

High Art
A movie with the Drug Addict Lesbian Theme--great acting, but sad, sad ending.


History Lessons Lesbian FilmHistory Lessons (2000, 70 min, US)
Director: Barbara Hammer, Studio: First Run Features
Barbara Hammer's (Nitrate Kisses) latest project is a video & film collage of images of women that shows just how pervasive lesbian imagery is in our culture. Piecing together archival newsreel footage with dramatic recreations, old lesbian porn and classic stills Ms. Hammer creates a unique crazy quilt of humor, sensuality and beauty. Sex education and health class instructional films will now be seen a whole new light after one sees this film. The director has located headlines from trashy tabloid newspapers including: "Worse than Lesbians!", "Lesbian Lovers Nabbed in Armed Robbery", and the best "Prison Made Me A Lesbian". Incorporated in the film is footage from early lesbian porno movies that are sexy and fun - who knew these films existed? History Lessons features an original score that fuses avant-garde electronica with historical sound clips and humorous original folk songs to forge sounds as inventive as the marvelous film they accompany.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
History Lessons at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

History Lessons
Great documentary! Very worth seeing.


The Hours Lesbian Film ReviewThe Hours (2002, 114 min, Great Britain)
Director: Stephen Daldry, Paramount/Miramax
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Ed Harris, Claire Danes, Allison Janney, Toni Collette, Jeff Daniels, John C. Reilly, Miranda Richardson, Stephen Dillane, Jack Rovello

Three women, separated by time, class and geographic location, share the book "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf. The film opens with author Woolf in an idyllic Sussex countryside in the early 1920s. Kidman, who won a Best Actress Oscar as Woolf, offers a studied, controlled exploration of a creative spirit trapped by expectations of reason and conformity, and the best intentions of those who love her. Laura Brown (Moore) enjoys the middle-class bliss of suburban Los Angeles in 1951; yet she seems curiously sad and disassociated, intimidated to distraction by the task of baking a cake. And in present-day New York City, Clarissa Vaughan (Streep) is hosting yet another party; this time for her longtime friend and confidant Richard (Harris), whose nickname for her is "Mrs. Dalloway." The Hours delivers a thoughtful contemplation of the inner lives of three women who reflect each other's reality and the shared reality of all women.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
The Hours at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

The Hours
We were so surprized by this movie--had no idea that it would be such a big lez film! Sad parts, happy parts, great acting, incredible actresses, wonderful in all its depth and levels, and very worth seeing.


The Hunger Lesbian Film Review
The Hunger (1983, 99 min, GB)
Director: Tony Scott Studio: MGM
Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon, David Bowie, Cliff DeYoung, Willem Dafoe
Catherine Deneuve stars as Miriam, an icy, elegant vampiress, thousands of years old, who goes on the prowl for a new mate after her 200-year lover (David Bowie) quickly ages. Her affections find their way to Sara (Susan Sarandon), a doctor who has written on the subject of accelerated aging. Dripping with cinematic style and chic sexual intrigue, “The Hunger” is both a chilling vampire tale and a sensuous drama of lesbian attraction and desire. The two sensually flirt, fall into each other's arms, and make love—and, of course, share blood.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): The Hunger at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

The Hunger
LOVE IT!!! Catherine Deneuve beds Susan Sarandon in a love scene that was totally made up by the actresses! What more could you ask for? If you are into vampires, the novel The Hunger by Whitley Strieber is fantastic--one of the best vamp novels ever written, although the ending is very different than the film.


I Can't Think Straight  Lesbian Film ReviewI Can't Think Straight (2008, 85 min, Great Britain)
Director: Shamim Sarif, Studio : E1 Entertainment
Starring: Amber Rose Revah, Ernest Ignatius, Lisa Ray, Siddiqua Akhtar, Sheetal Sheth, Nina Wadia, Antonia Frering
Fresh off last year's successful romantic period piece set in South Africa (The World Unseen), drop-dead gorgeous Lisa Ray and stunningly beautiful Sheetal Sheth return as lesbian lovers in the charming I Can't Think Straight. Tala (Ray) is a black sheep. With her own business in London and engaged for the fourth time, she is generally a thorn in th eside of her traditional Jordanian Christian family. Leyla (Sheth) is the shy, ideal Indian daughter with the perfect boyfriend who awlays does the right thing. Both women are on conventional life paths until they meet, when an instant attraction ignites a fast friendship. One fervent night, sexy Tala and doe-eyed Leyla act on their desires in a scene that lights up the screen, but the encounter comes at a price. These are two women yearning to fall in love for the first time, but it will not be easy for either one to accept their newfound sexuality. Director Shamim Sarif's contemporary lesbian storytelling is entertaining, beautiful and incredibly intimate; it will remind you what falling in love is all about.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
I Can't Think Straight at TLA Video
OR I Can't Think Straigh at Wolfe Videot

If These Walls Could Talk 2 Lesbian Film ReviewIf These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000, 92 min, US)
Director: Jane Anderson, Martha Coolidge & Anne Heche Studio: HBO
Starring: Vanessa Redgrave, Marian Seldes, Elizabeth Perkins, Paul Giamatti, Michelle Williams, Chloe Sevigny, Nia Long, Natasha Lyonne, Amy Carlson, Sharon Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, Kathy Najimy, Mitchell Anderson

Vanessa Redgrave won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the first part of this terrific film. Where the original “Walls” dealt with three women each struggling with unwanted pregnancy, the sequel takes a private look at the lives of three lesbian couples during three different time periods in America: the ’60s, ’70s, and the new millennium. The common link is the house of the title: they all occupy it at one time or another. The year 1961 features Marian Seldes and Vanessa Redgrave as an older lesbian couple who had been together for fifty years. When Seldes dies of a stroke, Redgrave is forced to grieve in silence. As she is not “family” in the traditional sense, Redgrave is forced to endure the humiliation of Seldes' only family coming to claim the house and its contents for themselves. The year 1972 confronts peer pressure and sexual identity as Michelle Williams finds herself attracted to the “butch” Chloe Sevigny, much to the chagrin of her hippie friends. In the year 2000, the house is now occupied by lovers Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone. Deeply in love, the only thing missing from their idyllic life is a child of their own. Making her directorial debut, Anne Heche conveys the couple's frustrations and hopes (with sperm donors, adoption agencies, etc.) in a manner sure to hit close to home for anyone who has faced the same trials.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
If These Walls Could Talk 2 at TLA Video
OR If These Walls Could Talk 2 at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

If These Walls Could Talk 2
Good, sad, and everything in between--made me want to get a will drawn up right away.


The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love  Lesbian Film Review
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
(1995, 95 min, US)
Director: Maria Maggenti Studio: Warner
Starring: Laurel Holloman, Nicole Parker, Maggie Moore, Kate Stafford

Randy (Laurel Holloman) is a white high school tomboy living with her lesbian aunt. Evie (Nicole Parker) is a beautiful and pampered black teenager from the right side of the tracks. They meet and love blossoms despite their differences. But trouble brews for the two as both of their families undertake to break the lovers apart.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s): The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love at TLA Video
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love Sweet story; the woman who plays Tina in The L Word
stars in this movie as a baby dyke.

Imagine Me & You Lesbian Film Review
Imagine Me & You
(2006, 94 min, US)
Studio: Fox
Cast: Piper Perabo, Lena Headey, Matthew Goode, Celia Imrie, Anthony Head
Director: Ol Parker
Screenwriter: Ol Parker

A big-screen romantic comedy for women who love women, or least the men who fantasize about them.
If you find terms like “vagitarian” and “lesbifriend” hilarious then you’ll fall in love with this romantic comedy. Its “love at first sight” for bride-to-be Rachel and flower arranger Luce as they exchange a momentary glance at Rachel’s wedding. Without her kindhearted husband Heck knowing, Rachel pursues her first relationship with a woman. The entire cast is remarkably likable with standout performances from Matthew Goode in the role of the self-sacrificing husband and Piper Perabo as the aspiring lesbian (this is familiar acting territory for Perabo, having previously starred as half of a lesbian couple in 2001’s Lost and Delirious). The film is filled with all of the senile seniors, clueless children and song and dance numbers that are expected from modern romantic comedies. The character of Luce, the outgoing lesbian, could easily be replaced by a man with nary a change to the film’s outcome, but its gay-friendly attitude should be commended nonetheless. Lesbians now have a big screen, cookie-cutter romance to call their own.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Imagine Me & You at TLA Video
OR Imagine Me & You at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Imagine Me & You
We LOVE this movie! For anyone who finds herself falling in love with another woman, but she is married, this is a great film to watch!


Inescapable Lesbian Film ReviewInescapable (2004, 81 min, US)
Studio: Atta Girl Productions
Director: Helen Lesnick
Screenwriter: Helen Lesnick
From the maker of A Family Affair comes this erotic drama about two women having an affair. Diverging from the shtick that made us laugh in her debut A Family Affair, Helen Lesnick has created a sultry erotic drama about two women having a torrid, secret affair. Two best friends and ex-lovers, Susan and Beth plan a long-awaited reunion in Oregon with their current lovers. As the two head off to work-related seminars, their current girlfriends Jesse and Chloe try to politely get along and stay out of each other's way but erotic tensions ignite. The simple task of washing dishes together ignites a steamy tryst. Taking charge of the situation, Jesse willfully dives into Chloe's sexy mystique and soon no stitch of clothing comes between fervent, sweaty bodies. They experience the burning passion and fierce intimacy they long for, but don't get, with their existing lovers. As the two continue to meet at a motel every day, fear and guilt consume their thoughts. Lesnick pushes the envelope with her camera lens that shows intimate details and goes across boundaries. Inescapable is the long awaited soft-core lesbian flick with a plot that we've all been waiting for!

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Inescapable at TLA Video
OR Inescapable at Wolfe Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Didn't see it, but sounds like fun.


Isle of Lesbos Lesbian Film ReviewIsle of Lesbos (1996, 98 min, US)
Director: Jeff B. Harmon Studio: Indie-Underground
Starring: Kirsten Holly Smith, Danica Sheridan, Sonya Hensley, Michael Dotson,
Alex Boling, Janet Krajeski, Sabrina Lu, Dionysius Burbano, Calvin Grant, Jeff B. Harmon

This high energy, patently offensive musical romp (think “The Wizard of Oz” meets “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as staged by Busby Berkeley) will have you either dancing in the aisles or running for the exits. In Bumbuck, Arkansas, a dirt-water town peopled by white Bible-thumping hicks, we find Alice, a sweet young thing who, in a moment of despair before her shotgun wedding, kills herself. She reemerges on the Isle of Sapphos—an Amazonian underworld led by a corpulent queen (Blatz Balinski, a bear-guzzling bull dyke) who rules over a bevy of gorgeous, scantily clad lesbian subjects. Alice discovers her sexual wonderland as she embraces the Sapphic way of life. But the folks back home arrive determined to take her back to their heterosexual world.

For more information, including available movie trailers, click the following movie title link(s):
Isle of Lesbos at TLA Video

Amazing Dreams Short-Short Review:

Isle of Lesbos
Didn't see it, but sounds like fun.


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