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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Lesbian Pubic Styles

Kathy and I run a support group for women who are coming out. The other day, one of our members asked for advice concerning pubic hair. Seems someone told her that to find a woman, she would have to get a Brazilian wax, and this member was not too happy about the idea of having every last sprig of her pubic hair snatched from her body by a total stranger, and who can blame her?

Her friend’s thought was "Heck, guys like it so girls must too, right?" which made us wonder where this shaven bare idea was coming from, as Kathy and I feel being completely shaved infantilizes women, and really is a complete turnoff to us.

In Sheila Jeffreys' book "Beauty And Misogyny" she believes that the idea of Brazilian waxed pubic hair comes from a "growing pressure on women to conform to models of femininity derived directly from the sex industry." She feels that women totally waxing off their pubic hair stems from men's ideas of what a woman should be, which has primarily resulted from the mass consumption of pornography.

Sheila Jeffreys' ideas may very well be correct. The first "lesbians" in action I recall seeing who were shaved bald as baby's behinds, were starring in a porno movie. By the talons these two women were sporting, it was quite obvious that this was a film produced by men, not lesbian women. Many lesbians would cringe at the thought of their insides being sliced and diced by those long, pointy, polished nails--YIKES!

The online conversation that came from the Brazilian wax question in our support group was very interesting. The posts ranged from "Every woman I have been with, goes completely bare," to "Wondering if you can use Rogain on pubic bald spots?" to "Color the hair down there!" with special hair dyes from

Several of our members are totally acomoclitic, which is the adjective describing anyone with a preference for hairless genitals, and some like a nice trimmed look, while others prefer the wild bohemian, au naturel look.

Some of us also wondered if it is an age issue, where older women tend to prefer a fuller bush; or if it is more of a geographic thing, like the fact that Florida is hot, with lots of bathing suites, while where Kathy and I live in NC it's cooler, and a lot of women in our area do not shave ANYTHING, including their legs and underarms.

Because of the variety of ideas and opinions on this subject, Kathy and I thought we'd put together an article concerning the main types of Lesbian Pubic Hairdos, which follow:
Natural AKA Wild Bush or Afro: no trimming or shaving. Pubes may develop a kind of Pony Tail, especially noticeable while dripping wet in the shower.

Trimmed: length of hair is shortened--sometimes only the bottom Pony Tail is cut, or all the hair is trimmed for a crewcut type of look.

Triangle: this is when the hair is either shaved or waxed from the bikini line. The hair may be removed up to an inch on either side, and depending on how long the hair is, it may also have to be trimmed to keep it from hanging out of swimming suits or underwear.

Landing Strip: the hair is shaved or waxed from each side to form a rectangle in the center. This rectangle can be as wide or narrow as a woman prefers, and most women also trim the hair length so that it is short.

Butch Rattail: all hair trimmed very short besides a long patch in the center.

Brazilian Wax AKA G-Wax: hair completely waxed away besides a tiny narrow strip centered above the vulva.

Full-Brazilian AKA Hollywood Wax: ALL pubic hair completely removed, including any that may be around the rectum or between the butt cheeks.

Charlie Chaplin: the landing strip formed into a short square.

Mohawk: shaving the pubic hair on either side, while leaving longer hair in the center that can be spiked.

Faux Mohawk: pubic hair that is styled like a Mohawk, but unshaven on either side.

Custom Designs: pubic hair shaved, waxed, or trimmed by using templates and stencils- everything from Butterflies to Witch's Hats, Four-leaf Clovers to Maple Leaves; Skull & Cross Bones to Alien Heads!
Hair removal can be accomplished by shaving with a standard or electric razor, hot wax or sugar wax, plucked, electrolysis, or laser.

Some women feel that no one wants to enter their house if the lawn isn't mowed, so if you've never trimmed or shaved your pubic hair before, and you'd like to try something new, here are a few tips for beginners:

Think of what style you'd like for your pubic hair. Do you like the Bare-Nekkid Ladies style, or are you more of a Landing Strip woman? Give some thought to this, because if you don't like your choice, it will take quite a while to grow back out. If this is your first time, you may want to stick to the more simplistic designs. Leave the fancy, custom, designs for when you are more skilled with a razor.

Once you decide what style you'd like, gather your supplies in the bathroom. You'll need a good razor with a sharp blade, some shaving cream or oil, scissors, and a nice mirror, preferably one that is waterproof that you can safely take into the shower.

Before you begin actually shaving, it is a good idea that you trim your hair first. Sterilize the scissors, and carefully trim the hair you are planning to remove so it won't be as hard to shave off. Once this step is done, it's may be best to move into a warm shower. The warm water will soften your hair, which will make it easier to shave.

Use shaving cream or a nice shaving oil to shave with--preferably something you have used on your body before and had no allergic reactions to it. The skin in your Southern Regions can be sensitive, so take care not to get the shaving cream or oil up in those crevices.

Once your desired hair lubrication is applied, gently shave the area against the way the hair naturally grows. Rinse and look for any stray hairs that need to be removed. After that, take your mirror, hold it away from your body, and check out your new Pube hairdo. If it's how you want it,it's always good to towel off any excess water from your shower, and apply a nice moisturizer to soothe the area you just shaved. Again, it's best to use something you know your body can tolerate.

Hair down there is like hair on your head: it just depends on who you are and what you prefer as to what your pube-do is like--it's really whatever floats your boat, or your little woman in the boat!

Contact Tracey and Kathy at

The advice in this column is the opinion of the writers and is not intended as a
substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a health care professional.

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